Wii U Impressions Episode 1: General Layout & WaraWara Plaza


Now that the big update is complete, we will go through every aspect of what is available on Wii U. First up, we will show you the general layout of the Wii U Menu, the WaraWara Plaza and the use of Nintendo Network ID.

When the console has been turned on, what you will see is the WaraWara Plaza, where Miis regroup around different applications. This depends on what they are currently using. On the screen of the WaraWara Plaza, speech bubbles appear over any Mii that is sending a message, be they writing-oriented or typing-oriented. The apps seen on-screen are the following: Mii Maker, Nintendo TVii, Internet Browser, Nintendo eShop, Miiverse, Settings, Friend List, Wii U Chat, Nintendo Network and Wii Menu.


On the other screen, there is a menu slightly similar to the 3DS bottom screen. There is the Disc Channel, Daily Log, some of the apps seen on the WaraWara Plaza and the video applications, Amazon Video, Netflix, YouTube and Hulu Plus. Lastly, on the very bottom of the Gamepad screen, there are quick icons for the following applications and tools: Miiverse, Nintendo eShop, Internet Browser, Nintendo TVii and Notifications.

Here is the rest of the series of episodes of Wii U coverage:


Episode 1: WaraWara Plaza and General Layout

Episode 2: Nintendo Network and Miiverse

Episode 3: Nintendo eShop

Episode 4: Internet Browser

Episode 5: Wii U Chat

Episode 6: Wii Games on Wii U

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