New Super Mario Bros. U took a long time to make

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The newest title in the New Super Mario Bros. series is almost on store shelves. Before making your way to that store and buying it this Sunday, here is a fun fact about the New Super Mario Bros. U.

In another issue of Iwata Asks, Nintendo Global President, Satoru Iwata, sat down with some of the people behind New Super Mario Bros. U for an interview. During this interview, it was said that the game took three years to make. Also, they started making the courses for the game long before the developing tools for Wii U were established using some Wii materiel.

New Super Mario Bros. U looks like it's a great game, having a scored 84 on Metacritic. Stay tuned for IMGMR's review upon release.

Smasher, analyst and has sworn allegiance to Hyrule, Seif Mazzene is the Executive Editor at IMGMR. Big Fighting game enthusiasts including Melee, Smash Bros Wii U, Street Fighter and Pokkén Tournament.

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