3D Enabled On the Wii U Gamepad

Recently, 3D has been a big topic and a big subject in terms of the future of entertainment. With the rise of glasses-less stereoscopic 3D of the Nintendo 3DS and 3D console gaming on the big screen, there is still room for more surprises. What would it be like to see 3D gaming from the Wii U Gamepad? Come find out.

Today, Ubisoft Montreal was holding a huge launch event for the release of their new AAA title, Assassin’s Creed III. IMGMR was honored to attend the event and we got some exclusive information regarding the Wii U version. According to a Product Manager from Ubisoft, the game is playable in 3D with the help of 3D glasses. With a 3D enabled television, the game can be enjoyed in full 3D both on the big screen and the Gamepad screen at the same time.

Although this was not tested first-hand, it would be a great experience to try out. How will this work in terms of experience, we cannot say as of now. It would still be a great feature to try out. Ubisoft’s Product Manager also stated that they are looking into ways of using the sensor bar on the Wii U Gamepad for future projects. How will games use this feature? Will it be so easy to use? How will 3D look like on the Gamepad? Predictions and speculations are ever so fun.



Smasher, analyst and has sworn allegiance to Hyrule, Seif Mazzene is the Executive Editor at IMGMR. He also hosts a weekly Smash Bros. Wii U tournament on his Twitch channel: SimbaarRagehowl.

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