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Super Smash Bros Ultimate Review

The Ultimate Cross-Over Battle Is Here!

The ultimate tribute to the Smash Bros. franchise is finally here! After being announced earlier this year, Super Smash Bros Ultimate has only garnered more and more of the fans’ interest with its many reveals. The anticipation could have gotten high enough and now, it is time to see if Nintendo held their end of the bargain. Is this truly the ultimate experience this title has been built to provide?

Super Smash Bros Ultimate begins with a quick trailer highlighting the many new elements in the game and then jumps right into the main menu. From here, players can experience the usual Smash mode, the new Spirits Adventure mode named “World of Light” as well as other modes as well. The menu is very intuitive for a portable platform, but it could have been separated into better sections. The Games & More option returns from Super Smash Bros for 3DS and Wii U and it still serves as a section to place most of the single-player options that don’t really fit anywhere else, but more on these later.

Right away, you begin with only 8 of the whopping 72 character-roster this time; the original 8 fighters of the first Super Smash Bros. on the Nintendo 64. You will naturally unlock more and more of the fighters and in no time, it will be filled with many faces, old and new.

This new game brings all of the all-stars with new moves and, for some, a new look. Characters like Link, Zelda or Wolf have given new makeovers. Others like Donkey Kong, Dr. Mario, and Pikachu have been given new moves to make them fresh and modern and some have been tweaked like Shulk, Cloud, and Palutena. There is something new to the majority of the veterans’ kits. Of course, a few fresh faces add themselves to the mix as well. Simply unlocking the characters will ask a lot of your time. A new fighter will appear to challenge you as you fight in Smash mode or when you complete a Classic mode run. Also, rescuing a fighter in World of Light will also unlock them. Keep playing, you’ll eventually get all 72 of them sooner or later!

More importantly, the game’s physics have been worked on. Characters move much faster and the overall of the pace of the game has been sped up as well. Many tweaks to the gameplay have shown to accommodate a more competitive edge. Of course, Ultimate still caters to the casual players out there, but it also highlights a competitive ambiance when playing 1 vs 1 matches. The delicate balance between these very different ways to experience Smash has been a subject of debate for decades. Ultimate finally feels like it truly offers each audience their demanded experience.

The sheer amount of content Super Smash Bros Ultimate offers will keep you playing for a very long time. Not only is this a game where players will continue to play for hours with no end, but the game also offers more activities for the single player. Of course, there is the brand new singe-player adventure called World of Light. This story mode makes players travel through the world of Super Smash Bros. after a great catastrophe has eliminated every inhabitant in the universe, except Kirby. Starting with the loveable pink hero, players will travel to rescue the many other fighters as well as the spirits of heroes and villains form across a plethora of gaming franchises to help them fight back the mysterious Galeem. The challenges found in World of Light are not only unique, but sometimes quite difficult, needing you to hone skills as a player as well as collecting the proper Spirits that will power you up.

Furthermore, there is Classic Mode, Mob Smash, Collectibles, and Challenges. The original Classic mode is back once again and this time, the runs have been thematically designed for each character. For example, Ryu will go through a Street Fighter-esque arcade mode where he fights Smash fighters referencing the original Street Fighter II characters. Of course, finishing all 72 of these Classic mode runs will definitely take an ample amount of time to complete. Also, the multi-fighting mode returns once more and is now named Mob Smash, sporting the usual Cruel Smash, 10-man and 100-man Smash modes.

Smash games always have loads of collectibles which always take a long time to collect. Although trophies are gone, they are now replaced with Spirits. They are so many spirits to collect from the World of Light mode, buying from the shop and through the completion of Classic Mode. Also, you can purchase and unlock costumes for your Mii fighters. Even though certain characters (Isaac) have not been given the fortunate chance of being playable, you can still create Mii fighters using their costumes. It’s as close as you’re gonna get. Finally, Super Smash Bros Ultimate brings back the Challenge board from its predecessor. This time, there is a board for all major modes where you can complete unique tasks to unlock the panels and sometimes, collectibles too.

Of course, no Smash game would be complete without the mode that everyone wants to play to sharpen their skills: Online Mode. Ultimate’s Online mode is more intuitive and responds more to what the community has been asking for. You can put in preferred rules and then easily connect with opponents who share your ruleset. Like this, competitive 1-on-1 and free-for-alls are easier to group up. Also, when you win enough times with a character and increase your Global Smash Power, your online rank of sorts, you can enter Elite Smash with that character where the more competitive players get paired together to fight. Of course, all of this sounds nice as long as the connection remains stable. That is more important.

Writer’s Blox:

I have been competitive Smash player for over a decade now and it is definitely crazy how the franchise has evoled over time. It is extremely fulfilling that the community’s opinion now affects how the game was designed. There was a time where that wasn’t possible.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is definitely the greatest compilation of the franchise and is delivering such a complete experience that it is definitely a game that will continue to live on for years to come. It finally offers exactly hat all kinds of players ask for and more importantly, without one audience feeling alienated. It truly is the Ultimate Smash experience

Lasting Appeal10
Fun Factor10
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