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Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers Review

Do You Know The Way of the Hado?

Street Fighter bringing in a blast from the past with a little twist. For the first time in a very long time, Street Fighter finds its way back to a Nintendo platform in the form. Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers is an upgraded version of the original Street Fighter II: The New Challengers that released back on the Super Nintendo. Using the power of portable gaming, the Joy-Cons and online capabilities, this new title finds a comfortable home on the Nintendo Switch.

Ultra Street Fighter II makes itself feel very nostalgic but modern at the same time. The game offers players the choice of playing the game using original classic graphics or newer modern sprites instead. When playing with the classic graphics, the screen changes resolution to befit the original view to something more akin to the classic Street Fighter II. The voices can also be changed. Players can listen to the original style of voices used in the original release or something more in tune with the current character voices we have gotten used to hearing. This is a very nice touch to a game that has gotten through a complete makeover.

The game not only lets you play a revisited period in the franchise’s history, but it also brings in a few favored characters to a time they had not been invented yet. Akuma and Evil Ryu see themselves reimagined in classic 16-bit sprites alongside a newcomer: Violent Ken. Of course, Evil Ryu and Violent Ken are visibly the same as their basic counterparts with some difference in color pallets. Of course, each of these characters have their own mode list that separates them from the originals.

Furthermore, the game all the modes that modern Street Fighter offers including a few new ones. Besides the usual Arcade, Versus and Training modes, Capcom decided to add two more peculiar modes. The first is called Buddy Battle. This is an unfair easy where you get to pair up with another fighter, to 2-vs-1 a computer-controlled opponent. Although interesting, the mode lacks in flexibility. The only choices are to fight alongside another human player or CPU. One cannot choose to be pinned down against two players for some reason. It’s a shame as it would have been quite the challenge to fight off against two characters alone.

The second mode in question is unique and it was a good attempt to explore the capabilities of the Joy-Cons. It is called the Way of the Hado and this is where players must stand to really get into it. Basically, the mode plays with two separate Joy-Cons, one held in each hand. With it, the player will take control of Ryu in a first-person view. With Joy-Cons in hands, you will move them in ways to perform Hadoken, Shoryuken and Tatsumaki Senpyukaku on incoming enemies. Although very unique and funny at times, the mode lacks in diversity and precision. The mode serves as a light-hearted change of pace but it would have been expanded in my opinion. The movements do tend to get mixed up, especially between the Hadoken and Tatsumaki […]. I honestly feel Arms does a much better job in executing a first-person fighter.

In other news, players can customize their favorite fighters however they see fit. Capcom has conveniently added in a color editor mode where players can edit the color patterns of all the fighters. If you want, you can even make Evil Ryu look like the Hulk! It’s not ground-breaking but it is still pretty cool to use. Finally, they also added some pretty cool art to look at. This is a fitting tribute celebrating over 20 years since Street Fighter II’s release.

Of course, this game would not be complete if it didn’t have the single mode important mode in every competitive fighting game: Online. The online mode for Ultra Street Fighter 2 works as any of the past games and players can undertake a quickmatch or ranked play. Matchmaking is quick gives the game a more expansive experience to continue fighting to be the very best. Like past titles, the Fight Request option is available and fighters can challenge you during your playtime in other modes such as Arcade Mode, Training and more. The online is no doubt the most important mode that needed to be added to a game such as this.

Overall, the experience in Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers is an excellent way to reminisce to some old school fighting action. It is definitely an improvement when accompanied with some of the more modern elements expected in such a fighting game. It is cool to be able this type of game when carrying your Pro Controller around. Two players can then play against each other with each person using a decent controller. Even though the game is playable with a single Joy-Con, I would definitely advise against it if you’re really competitive.

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