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Splatoon 2 Review

The Inklings Are Back!

Splatoon has returned on Nintendo Switch. Splatoon 2 brings back the game the few Wii U owners fell in love with and delivers anew with the power of the Switch and new and improved gameplay. Nintendo introduced us to a very unique franchise when the original Splatoon released on Wii U back in 2015. A very simple mechanic, the humanoid kids known as Inklings showed us their iconic power to turn into squids.

As a first sequel for the new franchise, Splatoon 2 has a lot to prove for the fans and new players. Having started on the Wii U, the game did very well in introducing itself to the masses and quickly attracted a great amount of fans. However, being on an unpopular platform, not everyone got a chance to jump on board. On the Nintendo Switch, Splatoon 2 can once again attract a new wave of players and show off the power of playing anywhere quite well.

The new pop-stars of Splatoon 2

Keeping honest to the franchise, Splatoon effectively presents its groovy and cool lifestyle that the Inklings are all about. These half-kid-half-squid characters are focused on two things: splatting ink everywhere and looking good doing it. The world of Inkopolis of is as hip and happening as always. Still serving as the hub, players have access to all the modes offered in the game. From there, you can see other players online and examine their gear. If you like it, you can have Murch, a local tradesman, order them in for you. This is a feature that was first introduced in the first game.

Of course, the main mode Splatoon focuses itself on is the online multiplayer mode. The Lobby is where you want to go to start going on Turf Wars. It is important to note that Splatoon 2 comes in with all the competitive modes already available. Players can play in classic Turf Wars and level their way up to start playing in Ranked battles. The Ranked battles function quite differently from the standard battles. The rules change in Ranked as multiple types of games take their turn. All the games from the first Splatoon are back including Control Tower, Splat Zone and Rainmaker. Splatoon 2’s PvP mode is as competitive as ever and we would have expected no less. The servers are quick to match you with players so it’s easy to drop in for a quick game.

splatoon 2 eShopLike its predecessor, players must level up with every game. As you grow as an Inkling, you will gain access to new weapons and in-game cash to purchase new gear as well. Gear is well-tailored for your level and come with bonuses to improve your game every step of the way. The right gear with the right weapon can help you tailor your own experience and optimize your role in the game. It is even made easier to level this time around as a feature has been added. There’s a new food stand run by a familiar fried shrimp that sells you food that can give you experience boosts for a limited number of online matches. Some other products can give extra perks like the ones your gear offer you. This can effectively give you an extra perk to your already-equipped ones.


The more you play Splatoon 2, the more involved and immersed you get. The experience becomes more and more tailored to how you want to play it. There are a few more modes available. The original Single-player mode is back and it seems the great Zapfish has been stolen again by the Octorians. So, as a new special agent, you must play through and clear platform-based levels. This mode takes what was great about it in the original game and brings us more unique challenges. It was nice to see some brand new stages and the boss battles are a lot more interesting this time around. The difficulty has been increased this time enough to give a worthy challenge to players. Of course, there are also more weapons to play with in the single-player mode.

A new mode has been introduced here and it’s called Salmon Run. Most of you have already heard quite a bit regarding this mode in Nintendo’s many broadcasts on Splatoon 2. This is an online mode that focuses a lot more on PvE than PvP. You and three other Inklings are teamed and hired by an expedition company called Grizzco Industries to collect some rare eggs. Of course, this is a dangerous job where you will faced by hordes of sea creatures called Salmonids. You must keep them at bay and collect as many eggs are possible without being wiped out. The weapons and gear are not your to decide. The gear is your work uniform given to you and the weapons are chosen at random for each party member. This effectively keeps things a lot more interesting. However, it is important to note that thise mode is not always available. It is playable every now and then when we are given notice that Grizzco Industries is looking to hire. All in all, this mode is a welcome change of pace to the many Turf Wars and platform stages.


Of course, the most crucial part of the whole experience playing Splatoon 2 is the fact it’s on Nintendo Switch. This means we can anywhere and everywhere for the very first time. This hardware capability is something that only improves the strength of Splatoon 2. it is now very easy to meet up with your friends and play anywhere together. Teams are easier to make and that only increases the appeal of pre-made teams in matchmaking. That only makes playing all the more useful as players can give each other roles and focus on what each player is best at. This only makes the competitive nature of Splatoon 2 a lot more enjoyable and opens the door for the game to even further in the world of eSports.


Splatoon 2 is not only made for competitive junkies, but even the most casual fun-loving players out there can jump in this ink-filled world. That and the ever-present easy-to-play and hard-to-master formula that Nintendo games are known for, Splatoon 2 is definite addition to your Nintendo Switch library.

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