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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Review

It finally happened! Mario and Rabbids have come together for one crazy adventure. This is one game people shouldn’t pass up on because this doesn’t happen every day. Mario has been seen chilling around with many different kinds of video game characters in the past including Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, Sonic the Hedgehog and much more. This time, our favorite jump man visits Ubisoft for a turn-based tactical game like no other. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle brings us gameplay that some would recognize from the XCOM series while at the same time showing off some of the unique elements from both the Mario and Rabbids franchises can boast. How well do these two mix? Let’s find out!

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle brings a funny plot as one would expect when the Rabbids are involved. We find ourselves looking at an inventor who also happens to be the number 1 Mario fan. She made a gadget which she calls the SupaMerge helmet, which can fuse different objects or creatures together. One of the Rabbids has fun with it for a bit only to get overheated and merges with the SupaMerge itself. With all the chaos, the Rabbids get sucked into a portal and land in the peaceful Mushroom Kingdom. With the SupaMerged Rabbid running amok, everything in Mario’s world is turning upside down. Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Yoshi join forces with Rabbids version of themselves to save the Mushroom Kingdom.

Besides the quirky and silly plot, the Rabbids’ effect on the Mushroom Kingdom is quite visible. The idea of making these two mash together is pretty crazy and the game does nothing but roll with it anyway. So many elements from the Rabbids and Mario worlds are felt and it’s quite refreshing and impressive as to how interesting they blend together. Using the concept of an object that literally mashes things together only help the overall synergy of the two franchises.

mario + rabbids Kingdom Battle

The gameplay is generally split into two sections. Being a turn-based tactical game, the player is either fighting or exploring. During fight sequences, your party of three characters must navigate a battlefield marked down as a grid to complete the immediate goal. Most of the time, that goal will be to take out all living enemies, but there are some different objectives at times to keep things fresh. The enemies in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle consist of Rabbids that have been merged with a variety of stuff. There is a surprisingly great diversity among the kinds of Rabbids you will encounter.

The battlefield is mapped out on a grid where the player controls a party of three members. All themed out in Mario style, the levels contain blocks that can be used as cover, warp pipes to move around the map and more. The characters use different kinds of blasters as weapons. Mario and friends must shoot down all enemy units to win the battle. If you ever wondered how can on mesh military tactics, Mario and Rabbids together, this is it.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is intriguing in battle and off battle as well. When exploring the distorted Mushroom Kingdom, you will find many wicked transformations in the backgrounds. At some times, a lot wacky will come off as inappropriate but innocent at the same time. The satire skills put in the presentation is impressive. Besides simply enjoying the sights, there are quite a few secrets to discover and you will need to back track to multiple areas if you wish to 100% complete the game. This effectively increases the game’s overall lifetime which is always great in an RPG.


This game surprisingly gets addictive over time and it doesn’t take long for you to be captured by the Rabbids’ charm. Their quirky attitude mixed in with Mario, Luigi, Peach and Yoshi’s personalities give us a unique and memorable adventure that clearly has a great amount of effort put into. All this and more make up this incredible experiment that Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle.

However, the pacing of the game can be inconsistent at times. In order to improve your character’s weaponry, one must spend coins collected from battle. It doesn’ take long before the number of coins needed outpaces the amount collected battle after battle without repetition. This creates the situation where you are forced to relive battles in order to collect experience points and coins all over again.  Furthermore, these fights aren’t synced to your level, so these battles will earn you less resources as you continue to grow desperate for coins. Some side quests and secrets can help ease this growth, but you will ultimately have to grind a bit sometimes.


Overall, the game is still a solid title that covers great aspects of the two franchises. The crossover is smooth, charming and oddly fitting in this wacky setting. The gameplay is deep and profound that evolves overtime as you learn to master the eight members of the group. Every character has a unique charm and their own expertise in ability and weaponry. This is a rare partnership between Nintendo and Ubisoft that should not go unnoticed.

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