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1-2-Switch Review

“Fun is good.” – Dr. Seuss

There isn’t a moment in life when should you stop and convince yourself that fun is a bad thing. Fun is indeed good for the body and the mind, and everyone deserve a moment or two, once in a while to simply disconnect and have fun. Being surrounded by friends and loved ones only multiplies the emotion. That’s what it takes to remember the best moments in life: good company, good times, good fun!

1-2-Switch is one of the launch titles for the new Nintendo Switch. From a first perspective, it appears to be a bunch of mini games, fun to play, that requires you to be with and/or against somebody. The game itself requires you to gather the necessary elements needed for a good time, and with its simplicity, it delivers the rest. 1-2-Switch sets itself massively apart from the sports launch titles Nintendo and other companies deliver when a new console comes out. How does this cheesy-looking game fair?

1-2-Switch Game Art

What is 1-2-Switch?

1-2-Switch, in a few words, is a collection of 28 mini games that share a few purposes. First and foremost, they have been carefully crafted and put into place to bring players together in a primal competitive environment and have them face one another in a series of challenging and amusing games. Mini games include themes such as duels, speed tests and more. For example, you can duel your friends as a cowboy, mage, knight, samurai and more. The interesting element in this entire collection is that the games all have a unique mechanic and ruling.

Being a collection of mini games, 1-2-Switch doesn’t offer any depth. It has no need for epic music scores, intense storylines and attractive voice acting. 1-2-Switch only needs to offer a set of games and modes that are fun to play; it is a party game. Although visuals aren’t as important either, 1-2-Switch was design to look funky while having actual actors showcase how a game is played. This adds a little bit of an element in which players can learn games by either listening to the rules being communicated, or by carefully observing how the actors play.

As fun as it first is, 1-2-Switch doesn’t have as big of a life span as it should. The games quickly become redundant and the collection is far from being large enough to cater to many parties. Yes, it might please new players, but in the long run, its charming simplicity is what drives it to gather dust alongside most of the launch title games the industry had to go through.

1-2-Switch Game 2

1-2-Switch isn’t only about showing off who is the best in front of your friends, but also about showing off the new console as well. The Nintendo Switch is the new member of the Nintendo consoles family and what makes it so unique is what is being put to the very test in 1-2-Swich, the Joy-Con. The Joy-Con is like the new Wii controller, but smaller, more efficient and a lot more refined. It is equipped with tons of new tech. 1-2-Switch’s games each have something special that, in their own way, show you the true power of the Joy-Con.

The launch title also has a final purpose: remind you of what Nintendo is all about. Throughout the years, Nintendo has been holding the crown when it came down to making good looking and fun games – emphasis on FUN. Party games, such as the Mario Party series, Bomberman 64 and Nintendo Land always cater to the largest variety of players. Each one of the games reminded us of how important Nintendo was to us as a person and how important it was to play video games with friends and family. Having “Fun is good”, said Dr. Seuss and it is difficult to prove this quote otherwise.


The Games, The Good, The Bad

1-2-Switch offers a series of 28 unique and interesting mini games to play. Some of them have their own thing going on, while others have been crafted based on a popular theme. For example, you can play as a makeshift cowboy where you and your opponent wait for the FIRE to be called. The one who draws out the gun – in this case the Joy-Con – the fastest wins. The game will try to trick you by saying words similar to FIRE, so it will be your job to pay attention. Another game puts you in the shoes of a thief after a safe. For this one, you must rotate the Joy-Con carefully and when it feels right, unlock the safe.

The different between both games lies in how you use your senses to play. In the first scenario, you must listen, while in the other, you must feel. In a party, there is a lot of noise and so at times, it can be a little difficult to understand properly the audio. You might either miss your cue or even fail to understand the rules to a new game, which can lead to a loss being frustrating.

Picking a game to play is always a little though; both players need to be ‘down’ to play the challenge. However, 1-2-Switch offers a mode that prevents any kind of argument where players must go through a board of challenges. As a player, or team, win, they roll to know how much spaces they must advance. The interesting rule about this board is that if a game, or space, was completed, you can’t land on it – it is skipped.

1-2-Switch Joy Con

1-2-Switch is Nintendo’s party-themed launch title for the Nintendo Switch. Although it offers a variety of mini games to play, all of which are fun and easy to understand, the title fails to deliver any depth and therefore replayability. The redundancy quickly settles in and unless you are experiencing 1-2-Switch for the first time, or with a set of new players, it fails to charm the same way it did the first time you picked it up.


Writer’s Blox

Party games are my forte and if there is something I love in gaming is to gather friends and play altogether. 1-2-Switch offered that to me the first night I played it. However, it promptly became dull and I found myself in a position where I wanted more out of it. It has the potential to be something grand, but instead, the 28 games and redundancy of each one of these mini titles failed to bring back out the kid in me a second time. After two runs on each, I felt as though playing against my next opponent on the same mini game became a shore – my excitement dropped faster than the loose roller coaster.

Despite my discontent, I must admit that the way it could charm was overwhelming. At first, I did not expect to have any inch of fun what-so-ever, but as I saw my friends play, I felt the need to jump in and try it out, as though Nintendo was calling to me saying “Slimzz, remember how much fun we had?”. Could I say no to that…of course not. Do I regret it, even less! The sheer fun 1-2-Switch gave me for the time it lasted was enough to remain imprinted in my mind as one of the best moments I have had playing a party game.




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