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E3 2017 Preview: Spider-Man – The Spidey Game We Have Been Waiting For

Spider-Man is back with a brand new game exclusively for the PlayStation 4. Developed by Insomniac, this game is showing some solid gameplay and no doubt the experience we have all been dying to have.

Our time with Spider-Man was a great one! The demo that was available to play showed more of what was shown during the PlayStation E3 Conference. Also, we were able to get a bit more background story as well. This new game is going to be set in its own timeline which Insomniac to have a little a fun as to how the story will develop in their own way. The developer has also mentioned that they had the liberty to work on the property as they wished, so we should be expecting a unique Spider-Man story.

Speaking of the story, let’s get into that for a bit. As we know from the E3 trailer, Fisk was taken down already and it was indeed Spidey to put him behind bars. The setting of the game is set after 8 years of hero business and Peter Parker is a 23 year old adult. As he gets older, the realities of life start to hit and it seems that the game will show off a conflict between Spider-Man and Peter Parker. We will see Peter’s everyday struggles that comes with the hero business. Now, we also saw Myles Moralis teased at the end of the trailer. Keep this in mind because it is important to mention in order to deduce another element that may be put in the game. This game is looking more and more interesting!

The gameplay behind Spider-Man is engaging to say the least. However, it is so much more than that. Controlling the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man has never felt as fluid and dynamic. Combat is acrobatic and easy to manipulate. The best word to sum up the combat would be “satisfying”. It is very fun to fight enemies and make use of Spidey’s famed spider sense. It makes things go in slow motion and allow to execute certain enemies off. Also, the environment is fully usable. Players will be table to stick enemies on any surface and use objects to control the playing field.

Of course, a good Spider-Man game is nothing a proper use of mobility and transportation. This is where we try out the game’s parkour prowess and Spidey needs it to be on point to give us that authentic experience. This game is shaping up to be the Spider-Man game we have all been waiting for a long time now. Insomniac is definitely a great choice to develop this title and as a PlayStation exclusive, it will no doubt be an amazing addition to the PS4 library. In some other cases, the game will also encourage stealth segments, changing the pacing of the game. Don’t worry, the game is still mainly an action game. Finally, our hero will be zipping through an open-world map of New York City, so you will be able to swing through the city all you want. Isn’t’ that we all want most out of a Spider-Man game?

E3 2017 Spiderman

Now, the Pro question is always present whenever we talk about games nowadays. Indeed, the game will see a considerable upgrade when played on a PlayStation 4 Pro. Spider-Man will run on 4K HDR which was very impressive to see. So those of you who jumped on the Pro wagon will enjoy the game in sweet 4K.

Another piece of information we were able to get is that the game will somehow feature multiplayer. Our guess is that maybe the Spider-Men will be introduced and players will be able to join together to play as Peter, Myles and more. This will be the biggest game changer as it will be the first online co-operative Spider-Man game, but hey, this is just a thought. Time will tell what Insomniac has planned.

Spider-Man is set to release exclusively on the PlayStation 4 in 2018.

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