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Gamescom 2017: What Xbox Brought To The Table

Xbox’s Conference during E3 2017 was a momentum starter that can be resumed by a couple words, exclusive being one of them. In Cologne, Xbox had quite a few things to go over for Gamescom 2017.

First and foremost, for those at home that like to compare conferences, it is crucial not to put Gamescom and E3 side to side. However, Gamescom is the perfect event for the B list blockbuster announcements. This doesn’t mean that the companies aren’t bringing their A game. Let’s see what Microsoft had to offer during this major European event.



Assassin’s Creed Origins

First off, Cleopatra and Caesar in the new Assassin’s Creed game? Yes! The new world premiere trailer of Assassin’s Creed Origins shows us a little more of what we should expect from the ultimate adventure of Bayek, the new assassin of the series. Nothing new gameplay wise, but the presentation of the setting is that much more seductive. Ubisoft is doing an amazing job showing off what this new game will be all about.

In addition, Jean Guesdon from the Ubisoft Montreal studios made an appearance on stage and talked about the partnership between both Ubisoft and Microsoft. It was crucial for the developer to have a powerful machine to work with. To create the vast universe Assassin’s Creed Origins has to offer they needed the support. Assassin’s Creed Origins will run at 1080p 60FPS.


PlayerUnknown’s Battleground

A new short and simple trailer of the upcoming PlayerUnknown’s Battleground for Xbox One was showcased. Nothing more was added. The release date is still set for the end of 2017, so at least there isn’t any bad news.

Following the trailer reveal, PlayerUnknown took the stage to personally announce the PUGB competition that takes place at Gamescom. The 80 best players of the game have been invited to compete against one another, all of which will be broadcasted live through Mixer between Wednesday 23 and Saturday 26. You can follow up on that via this link.


Jurassic World Evolution

Ever been a fan of the Jurassic series? Well, now you will be able to create your own personal Jurassic World attraction park. The title is being developed by Frontier, a team known for their work on Elite: Dangerous. Jurassic World Evolution is set up for release during summer 2018 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


ReCore Definitive Edition

ReCore’s success isn’t set to end just yet! In the many new trailers showcased during Gamescom 2017, a new one for ReCore was revealed. Introducing ReCore Definitive Edition, a remastered version of the game if you want, with a 4K graphic resolution as well as HDR support. This new version, in addition to looking better than the original ReCore Definitive Edition, unlocks new content such as the possibility to customize Corebots, as well as new adventures.

The Definitive Edition will be available for purchase starting August 29 for PC and Xbox One. Owners of the original version can download this new edition free of charge.



ID@XBOX always brings some interesting games to the table. The indie developers are working on quite a few interesting games and the video above is a ‘collage’ of what is in the works.


Forza Motorsport 7

The ever-evolving Forza series has a new installment set for release soon, Forza Motorsport 7. This exclusive series to Xbox One adds new technology to the racing game genre, and Forza Motorsport 7 will have a lot of it to show.

The game is set for release October 3 for PC and Xbox One.


World of Tanks

A new title is set to make its way to Xbox One X, World of Tanks. This Wargaming favorite has been developed to use the full potential of the Xbox One X console in order to run at a 4K resolution. World of Tanks will also use Xbox functionalities such as Xbox Arena for example.


Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

At E3, we had the opportunity to get a hand on with the new Middle-Earth game and just in time for Gamescom, a new trailer was revealed. This one doesn’t talk about the enemies but focuses more on the different creatures you might encounter. Shadow of War is scheduled for release for PC, PS4, and Xbox One / X starting October 10, 2017.



After an explosive showcase at E3 2017, it was obvious that Microsoft was going to talk about their upcoming console, the Xbox One X. Gamescom 2017 was the perfect event to unveil more information about this new machine. What are the pre-order deals you can get? Two new editions were revealed: a limited edition Project Scorpio Xbox One X and a Minecraft Xbox One S model.

The Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition will be available for a limited time in limited quantities. The machine, as well as the controllers, are branded with a green-colored Project Scorpio insignia and custom-printed exterior. The console’s ID will also be laser printed on the Xbox One X.

On the other hand, there is the Minecraft Xbox One S edition. This one features a fully customized skin for the Xbox One S console, and a skin for the controller as well.

Minecraft Xbox One S Edition Gamescom

All and all, the announcements made by Microsoft and Xbox during Gamescom 2017 are ok, but nothing that we weren’t really expecting. The momentum that started off this summer died down really quickly and Gamescom did little to contribute to that momentum. From what we have gathered from social media feeds, fans were expected to hear about some games such as Crackdown, a new Halo, and more titles. A limited-edition Xbox One X and Xbox One S are cool, but honestly not enough to cut it.

Stay tuned as we discuss more topics related to Gamescom and the new Xbox One X.

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