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Crysis 3 Multiplayer Demo Available for Download

A Crysis 3 multiplayer beta is now online and ready to be downloaded. This is the perfect opportunity for you to get a hands-on experience of Crysis 3, Crytek’s upcoming third-person shooter. Below is link to a video featuring producer Mike Read, here to talk about the multiplayer mode and some of the beta’s features.

In the presentation and demo, two out of the eight multiplayer modes are showcased: Hunter Mode and Crash-Site Mode. Mike Read continues to reveal that consoles will be able to support up to 12 players online, while the PC version can allow up to 16.

Hunter Mode:

This mode starts off with 2 Hunters and 14 C.E.L.L. Troopers (10 of which can be on console). In this scenario, Hunters have to eliminate the Troopers (pretty straight forward). After executing a successful kill, the downed Trooper will become a Hunter. The game lasts until the last Trooper is killed. ‘Hunter Mode is an adrenaline rush you want to experience over and over again”, said Read.

Crash Site Mode:

In this mode, there are two teams of eight (two of six on console). Once the game starts, an “alien” pod will be shot down to a random location on the map. To gain points, players will have to stay within its radius and defend their ground. After a certain time, the pod will self-destruct and another one will spawn at another random location.

For more details, feel free to check out the video posted by Crysis’s official YouTube page.

To watch the presentation featuring producer Mike Read, click here.

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