Team Liquid and SAP SE Want Machine Learning to Influence Esports

The esport organization announces an innovative partnership with the technology company.

SAP or “Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing” is a German-based European software corporation with a history of innovative data processing technology. As of today, they’ve announced an exciting three-year sponsorship for one of the older esport organizations, Team Liquid. What exactly this means for the e-sports scene is an important thing to consider. 

The partnership and its goals

SAP hopes to integrate their technology solutions into the esports scene. This will be mostly be done through analytics concerning the team’s performances. Why? They’re hoping that this number crunching can improve the team’s overall performance in training and competition. While many of SAP’s business data platforms will be used, their Internet of Things (IoT) and machine learning functionalities promise the most innovative applications!

However, tracking and improving on player performance through data is only one of SAP’s goals. They’ve also stated that they hope to participate as “an authentic, global and sustainable player in the esports ecosystem” (PR Newswire).

Why data matters to esports

Indeed, this partnership signifies an important step forward in terms of esports legitimacy and sustainable partnership with intelligence technology. Team Liquid’s co-CEO, Victor Goossens would frame their partnership very well:

“There is a strong demand for meaningful data and analytics software in esports […] for Team Liquid, competitive performance is key – and smart technology […] gives us the best possible tools to analyze and improve”. – Victor Goosens

Therefore, SAP and Team Liquid hope to co-innovate on in-game data analysis. They will attempt to use this data to improve player and team performance. As esports rapidly develops, SAP evidently wants to participate in a world of competition which relies entirely on software. Beyond League of Legends, SAP’s partnership with the team can hopefully feed the esport ecosystem and allow it to remain young and vibrant.

Based on what we know, SAP’s partnership with TL is an exciting step towards incentivizing data analytics within esports. Will they provide esports with a new take on player/athlete performance? Time will tell!

[PR Newswire / Walldorf, Germany]



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