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Street Fighter V Last Beta Update is Incoming

Capcom has one more beta update before the game drops in February. With that in mind, the updates have been datamined.

Ever since the beta began in the summer, Capcom has brought many balance updates to help shape the game further as we approach the release date in February. As expected, the game has been receiving these updates every time the beta server came online and this time is no different. Of course, anticipation can only grow as I say this is the last beta update.

Now, popular community member helping out Shoryuken, Eternal, has datamined the last update coming in and you can see the different changes coming to the full cast of Street Fighter V. Of course, if you would like to read these changes, I will direct to Eternal’s very detailed forum post.

Mostly, the changes are affecting the cast’s frame data, damage values and hitboxe sizes. At an overall glance, we can see a tendency where damage values has increased all around. Throws are also receiving major buffs in damage and hit stun.

Although all of this has been datamined and reported by a familiar source to fighting games enthusiasts, these changes have yet to be confirmed in-game. Of course, this means that we will have o test these out during the next beta. This beta test will be happening this weekend. So, all of you could data-driven folks will be to test these values for yourselves and see how accurate the report was.

Street Fighter V is set to release for the PlayStation 4 and PC on February 16th. For those of you who have someone in your lives, make sure you have your significant other get this for you for Valentine’s Day. For the rest of us, get your cash ready if you haven’t pre-ordered the game.

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