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Razer Still Hasn’t Dropped Project Christine

Two years ago, during CES 2014, Razer unveiled a brand new modular computer tower currently going under the codename Project Christine.

This year around, Razer made History with six consecutive “Best of CES” awards, with the Razer Blade Stealth selected as “Best PC”. Of course, we congratulated the company for their success and upcoming projects, but also took the opportunity to ask them about the infamous Project Christine. As one of the most anticipated modular PCs, we have asked whether or not we the project was still being worked on.

“We do believe that for Project Christine to be a success, it will require global OEMs to come together to push innovation in the PC forward instead of obsessing over short term profits,” said Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan. “Like the many other projects within Razer, we take a long term view on innovation and Project Christine is definitely still in the works.”

That being said, it isn’t Razer that is stalling on releasing the product, but they are waiting for other partners to come on board; partners that share the same vision Razer does in terms of wanting to push the modular PC technology forward.

Project Christine is a modular PC where users can swap in and out parts and upgrades, and position them where they desire. This idea is very similar to the Phoneblox, and original modular smartphone concept that was initially designed by Dave Hakkens, with whom Razer is working alongside with. Just like Hakkens says, in order to achieve their goal and bring their vision to life, they will require the collaboration from many other companies. Whether they have or will work on components, or are a competitor, it will be crucial to leave aside the obsession of short term profit and think bigger.

Make sure you keep an eye out for further details and updates on the story.

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