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IMGMR TCG Launches!

Welcome all card players your calling has been heard!

IMGMR officially launches its TCG section with brand new content on a weekly basis. TCG has been a big part of geek culture and we are all about everything geek.

This new sections will offer daily updates on the world of TCG. Ranging from Pokémon, Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh and Vanguard, TCG fans will be able to keep up to date with their favorite games and franchises. Deck profiles, discussions and tournaments will also be covered on a weekly basis.

However, for anyone new to TCG or does not know what it is, well this is the perfect time to get acquainted with it! TCG means trading card game. It is a game that uses cards from many universes and franchises and players will build deck in order to triumph and be the best. There are multiple games across the world of TCG but here in IMGMR we will focus on the popular ones and there will be other additions along the way.

Here is the list of games we will be introducing with the new TCG sections:

Pokémon: A pretty old and solid game. We have all heard, played or seen Pokemon in one way or another. It is a fairly easy game to get into, yet not so easy to master.



Magic: The Gathering: The pioneer and the foundation of modern TCG. Magic is both the most complex and the most in depth TCG game out there. (let’s not forget the oldest too!)


Yu-Gi-Oh: Just like Pokemon, Yugioh is also a veyr solid game with its own following. For those who dont know it is a game based off its anime counterpart or should we say the anime is based of game, who knows? The chicken or the egg?


Vanguard: A very solid gaming with its own mechanics based also off an anime. Quite successful and very easy to get into!


Force of Will: The newest contender in the TCG scene and showing a lof of promise. Make sure to keep and eye out for this one!



That pretty much covers all the franchises you will initially see in the coming months on IMGMR TCG. We will eventually hold live streams of tournaments, deck reveals and pre-releases. We are very excited to undertake this new journey and hope IMGMR will deliver you the content you need! Feel free to express your comments below and let us know what is it you look for in a new TCG section and what you would like to see covered!

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