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FarCry Primal Brings You Back in Time

Where will you stand on the food chain ladder in the new instalment of the FarCry series as it brings you back in time to the Stone Age.

In the new title of the Far Cry series created by Ubisoft, Far Cry Primal, players are brought back to the most primitive time known to Men, the Stone Age. Looking back through history it was a time filled with countless dangers and boundless aventure where only the fittest and strongest survived. Wooly mammoths and Sabretooth ruled the Earth. Humans weren’t even at the top of the food chain, but were slowly fighting whatever nature’s had in store to become the most intelligent and organized predator to roam the surface of the Earth.

Here is the link to the trailer of FarCry Primal. Please note it is rated M for Mature. It contains Nudity, Blood/Gore, Sexual Content and Violence.

Being the last survivor of your hunting group, players will learn how to craft a deadly arsenal in order to repel relentless predators and outwit enemy tribes to conquer the land of Oros and be feared, not preyed upon.


FarCry Primal will be released February 23rd on several platforms such as PlayStation 4, Xbox One retailed at CA$79.99. Although the Windows Pc version will only be released March 1st 2016.

1_Screenshot_Deluxe Bundle

Also available for customers is the “Deluxe” Edition with Steelbook in Canada retailed at a CA$94.99. In this bundle, you will receive many goodies listed below:

Physical Content

• Far Cry Primal game.

• Exclusive « Steelbook »

• Far Cry Primal map of Oros.

• The official game soundtrack

Digital Content:

  • a new weapon the Blood Shasti Club:  a bloodstained club of bone and teeth once wielded by Ull, the vicious leader of the Udam. It is unbreakable and cannot be consumed by flame.
  •  4 enhancements packs that offer early access to rare resources and unique customization options.
  • a complete pack of ”Legend of the mammoth” missions, where players will have the unique opportunity to play as the largest mammal in Oros. Nearly 45 minutes extra of amazing gameplay as a Mammoth stomping on enemies and protecting the herd from surrounding dangers, predators and Humans.
  •  Duel of beasts: Feeling lucky? Why not take on a powerful rhino spirit’s dares to challenge your might? Confront him and his herd across treacherous cliffs in order to maintain your dominance.
  •  The trapped elder: Scenario: Bloodthirsty hunters have trapped your leader. What will you do? Will you be the hunter or will you be hunted? Crush their camp to crumble and free the elder.
  • Hunt the hunter: The time for revenge is now. Take place of the battlefield and lead your herd to crush anyone who threaten your survival. 


We need you! Come join the fight and become the ultimate predator Februray 23rd. For more information on FarCry Primal make sure to visit it’s official website or stay connected with IMGMR

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