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Buff/Nerf Your Weapons With The Latest Black Ops 3 Patch

Today is a good day for game developer Treyarch; they have released the new Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 patch. Here are the features:


  • Removed UI error that could occur if Players were idle for a long period of time in the Main Menu.
  • Fixed issue where DLC 1 purchases from the Playlist menu were not immediately updated in the UI.
  • Leaderboards now require 25 games to be played in a game mode in order to be ranked by Score Per Minute (SPM).
  • The Friends filter is disabled when a player has over 100 friends on a Leaderboard to prevent a known issue. We are further investigating.
  • Fixed issue where hit markers moved off-center when a player was taking damage.



  • Outrider – Sparrow: Increased ability to hit enemies.
  • Nomad – Rejack: Increased remaining Power when player terminates.
  • Prophet – Tempest: Increased ability to hit enemies.



  • Assault Rifles

    ICR-1: Increased long distance damage range.
HVK-30: Increased long distance damage range.
Sheiva: Increased long distance damage range.
KN-44: Increased medium distance damage range.

  • Submachine Guns

    Vesper: Reduced recoil stability. Reduced Hip-fire accuracy.
Weevil: Increased medium distance damage range in Hardcore mode.

  • Sniper Rifles

    Locus: Increased weapon switch speed.


  • Power Core
  • Cost decreased to 1250
  • Duration increased to 60 seconds
  • Fixed an issue where the Power Core would occasionally fail to destroy an enemy Counter-UAV.


Please note that the changes in question is the general list for the PlayStation 4 version of the game. For a full list of fixes for the Xbox One version, check it out here. You will find updates for all three game modes (Multiplayer, Zombies and Campaign).

As for the PC version, is also going to get the fixes, but, according to an unconfirmed source, will have to wait until tomorrow.

We found Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 has a “rich gameplay with traditional feel”. Check out the review here!l

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