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Nintendo Switch Rumors Should Be Ignored

With but a few days away from the presentation, there already some rumors as to what will be shown during the Nintendo Switch presentation.Of course, we all want to know what will be the official release date as well as well as the launch titles that will be available. There is a rumor floating around about what that is and there are some pictures to be shared alongside it. Furthermore, these pictures were posted on Imgur and are being passed around and you may find them suspicious.


Here is the alleged logos for the games to be shown during the presentation. They are all labeled with the March 17th release date. It looks like it was conveniently labeled this way to offer a big hint on the launch of the console. This simply seems too good and too prepared ot be the real deal. Especially that Nintendo is more tha likely to show some gmaes that will release even after the launch date of the Nintendo Switch.

Even the logos themselves are off. The Mario Kart logo has only the Switch word added in and the 8 was tilted. You can tell the lack authenticity when you focus on on the spot where the 8 is supposed to intertwine between the K and A. Splatoon sees the same issue with the word Remix’d was simply integrated in the original logo. Finally, it was very odd that the only game we had no word on in the bunch is the only one whose picture was badly taken. That is too convenient.

Personally, I am dismissing this rumor as a good attempt to fool us, but I will prefer to wait until Nintendo drops the bomb in but a few more days from now. As reported by Nintendo Everything from a Japanese source, it seems that this presentation will be presented President Kimishima with English voiceover. The whole presentation is supposed to be an hour long according them.

What do you think will be really shown during the presentation? Speculation is harmless. Stay tuned for Nintendo Switch news as we approach the date of destiny.

Nintendo Switch News

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