Hearthstone Global Games Voting is Live

Champions come forth!

It’s official. As of today, you can tell Blizzard which Hearthstone Pro Player you’d like to represent your region. The Hearthstone Global Games are almost upon us and it’s time to make a selection.

Hearthstone players, pick your champions!

La crème de la crème

The Hearthstone Global Games are just around the corner, and that means Blizzard is out scouting. If you’re into Hearthstone Esports, this is your chance to pick who will represent Canada on the international stage. We’ve done well in the past with the likes of star players like Cydonia, it’s time to keep up the pace. We’ve got a reputation to maintain folks!

Luckily for all of us, Blizzard has done us a favour by narrowing down the possible choices. They’ve identified the highest-ranking competitors. Because of this meticulous curatorship, you can pick from the nine highest Hearthstone Competitive Points earners in each eligible nation.

While the top point earner per country has been locked in as ‘team anchor’, it’s up to esports fans to decide the remaining three players to form their national team.

For more details on the available players, feel free to check out the official voting page.

Triumph awaits

Blizzard has announced that voting will conclude at 3:00 EST on June 13. 

Why should you care? Because everyone who voted will receive one free card pack from The Witchwood (as in previous events, the pack should be slightly delayed). Voters will be able to cast their ballot for any selected player from their home country.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there folks. If your country isn’t participating (bummer) you can still participate! You’ll simply be able to select players from any of the 48 countries taking part.

The Hearthstone Global Games tournament play will begin in July, where the teams will begin fighting for global dominance. For more information about the structure of the tournament, the schedule, or formats used, you can consult Blizzard’s official blog.

Pick your champions, and root for their success!

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