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E3 2018: Battlefield V Will Bring More to Players

EA's First Battle Royale Mode Revealed

This morning during EA Play’s press conference, Battlefield V was announced. The showcase featured brand new features that promise a deeper experience to players.

While Battlefield 1, the series’ latest released title, takes place during World War 1, Battlefield V is set during World War 2.

Destruction Engine & Mechanics Refined

Battlefield is all about making the gameplay as close to reality as possible in terms of mechanics. In Battlefield V, new features have been added. During the conference, it was confirmed that players will be able to vault through building windows, move weapons around and more.

As for the destruction engine, it was said to have been enhanced and following a quick demo of the game during EA Play, we can confirm that the effects are indeed a lot more explosive and detailed. This element surely adds a lot more to the overall Battlefield V experience because it adds a bit more visual feedback after every shot. Of course, better results require bigger armory!


Adapting to Today’s Market

Battlefield V is by itself a good addition to the series. However, with today’s sheer number of shooters and fan favorite modes, EA adapts with two important new features. First and foremost, EA confirmed that in this iteration, players will be able to customize their soldiers, weapons, and vehicles. These changes will be both purely esthetic, but some will even have gameplay repercussions. EA confirmed during the conference that the game won’t have any premium passes, nor will it have any loot boxes.

Secondly, due to the popularity of games such as PUBG and Fortnite, Battlefield V will feature a new Battle Royale mode. Unfortunately, we won’t have more details on that until a later this year.


A Story About Human Heroism

Battlefield V’s single player mode was mentioned during EA’s conference, but only so briefly. At the moment, we know that the War Stories will be called Nordlys, which translated to Northern Lights in Norwegian. It tells the tale of a woman fighting through during Germany infamous occupation dated in 1943.

The publisher announced that more details will be revealed during Microsoft’s press release, which takes place the next day. Keep an eye out for an update.


Battlefield V is set for launch later this year in October. Stay tuned as we share more information about this upcoming addition to the Battlefield series.

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