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E3 2018: Anthem

Time to exo-suit up!

EA’s biggest game no doubt is the one and only Anthem. It was first revealed during last year’s show and now, it was finally time for us to learn more.
As the show’s last big announcement, Anthem was set to take over the stage and wow us through all our impatient anticipation. Needless to say, it was the game everyone wanted to hear about from the gaming giant. So, we are greeted with a brand gameplay video where they introduced four different kinds of exo suit, also known as a Javelin: Assault, Storm, Colossus and Interceptor.

In other news, Anthem was also present during the EA PLAY Fan Fest 2018 that opened today. From there, we got to enjoy an exclusive demo gameplay session. The game visually looks gorgeous! We got to see the Colossus in action. The demo starts with what seems to be the beginning of a mission where the player jumps into his Javelin and begins exploring the area. A little later, a Storm Javelin pops in to help out. As we can see, the Colossus is a more robust Javelin while the Storm is more of a high-damage mage-like Javelin. The game finishes up with the introduction of Strongholds, natural forts where monsters dwell. A stronghold has a boss which looked like a crab-like creature.


Tomorrow is the Xbox conference and we will not doubt hear more about Anthem, so stay tuned!

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