Dark Souls: Remastered Launches Early on PC

It's time to return to Lordran.

In life, there aren’t always many pleasant surprises. Luckily, that doesn’t really apply to the gaming world. Unless of course there is a delay on release. But, here’s some good news for you, Dark Souls: Remastered just launched a day early on PC. PRAISE THE SUN.

My body and mind are ready

The early release of Dark Souls: Remastered wouldn’t be such a surprise if Bandai Namco had made any sort of announcement about it. Unfortunately for PC fans of the game, they hadn’t. In fact, the publisher had been dead-silent about the PC release apart from it’s proximity with the console launch date, and the reduced price. It’s now confirmed that you can snag the game for a measly 25$ CAD or 20$ USD.

And yet, many people still hold a grudge against the admittedly low amount of content released in the remaster. This lack of content is made worse for PC gamers because of the existing DSFix and texture mods. These allowed players to achieve 60 FPS gameplay with upgraded weapon and environment textures. After playing the remaster for a few hours, let me tell you, the 20$ price tag is paid out of convenience.

What the Undead Burg Has Taught Me

Indeed, it’s refreshing to be playing the game without the hassle of having to install DSFix, and then fight with the mod to get a proper 60 fps Vsync. I know that doesn’t sound like a huge problem, but screen tearing is my Kryptonite. If you also despise it, already, the 20$ price tag is justified. Mostly, however, players should be happy about the MULTIPLAYER. A lot of people have been clamoring that the remaster should have been replaced by a “fixing” of the original game, but that attitude omits the general stability which a new base for the game can provide. Think of the mods! And when you do, think of Skyrim: SE and the stability of mods in comparison to the original. 

If a reinvigorated online community isn’t enough for you, however, and DSFix was all you ever wanted in terms of graphical fidelity…don’t buy the remaster.

It’ll save you from being bothered by me and my gravelordin’ buds.


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