CES 2018: Get Stronger With Black Box VR

A "Gaming" alternative to hitting the gym

Virtual Reality (VR) has a lot more to offer to gamers than it does to regular people. The technology is still at its young ages, but the concepts being shipped out are amazing. Introducing the Black Box VR.

VR for those who are still unfamiliar with the technology is basically a helmet that acts as a visor that projects what the game/program wants you to see. The idea is that as you move around your head, you get the feel inside the game. Unlike anime such as Sword Art Online, which demonstrated a Virtual Reality console that requires no physical motion, today’s VR tech gets you moving.

A Full-Body Workout Plan

Using that technology to their advantage, Black Box VR developed a complete full-body workout plan using virtual reality. The experience lasts 30-minutes and proves to have fruitful results.

Black Box VR IMGMR Front Raise

“Most people stop going [to the gym] after a couple of weeks so adherence is something that’s a critical factor of what we’re trying to solve,’ – said general manager Jim Bradbury to BBC.

The idea has great potential, and the demonstration at CES 2018 promises results if the program is used regularly. However, there are some issues that need to be discussed and looked over, observed J P Gownder (from Forrester):

“Human beings in general find it hard to retain the habit of exercise and there’s been many attempts to try and make it more appealing – so, VR makes sense from the perspective of trying to make the gym less boring.

But the cost of the equipment is going to make it an expensive get-up.

And will it be sage enough for people to use?

I’m not aware of the Vive having been stress-tested for this kind of use, and [Black Box VR] is going to need to prove that it has taken account of impact on the body of using the headset during strenuous exercise.”


The Evolution of Working Out

All the points tackled by J P Gownder make enormous sense. However, speaking with professional fitness trainer Steven Reginald, he believes that it is the next evolution of working out.

“Personally, I think it’s an amazing idea. When Nintendo released the Wii Fit, it did amazing and a lot of home users, especially the women demographic, used it. The Wii Fit had great results with, but now, in a new age where VR is the new thing, some gyms and people will think that this can be the next evolution of working out.

Black Box VR will cost a lot, but it’s basically just like any set you purchase for your home. It doesn’t come cheap, but there is a market for it.”

The Black Box VR has an official website you can visit here.


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