Big Changes Coming to Dead by Daylight

It's about to get real spooky on Steam.

It’s already been two years since the release of Behaviour Digital’s Dead by Daylight, can you believe it? Two years since the slasher genre was brought to life for us and our friends. While Dead by Daylight went through some major changes in those two years, it has consistently been a staple of the horror co-op variety.

Fright Night

That kind of spookiness deserves to be celebrated. As it turns out, Behaviour Digital has announced some big changes to their game. This plethora of fresh content seeks to repay the community for their support. This update will bring a new chapter to the game, but also an in-game store which is available as a public test build as of today.

This new chapter named ‘Curtain Call’ introduces the players to characters based on everyone’s biggest fear…clowns. That’s right, Dead by Daylight isn’t joking anymore, they’ve turned up the spook dial all the way to eleven. These latest additions to the roster will include “The Clown” as a murderer, and Kate Denson as a survivor. In-game, the addition will take place in Campbell’s Chapel.

Oh god why

Cosmetics galore

However, that’s now all there is to the latest update. What’s scarier than a clown killer? A cosmetics shop where all your dreams can come true! Wallets cower at what will be a necessary and revitalizing component of gameplay! This new in-game store will supply players with cosmetic items for game characters.

The economy has also been reworked completely around an item called the Iridescent Shards. While this currency will be gained through playtime, there will now also be another costlier currency: Auric Cells. In line with the cosmetics shop, there will be available for purchase with real money.

Love it or hate it, Cosmetics will add a new layer to the game.

The team was really excited to get the update out there. Game Director Mathieu Côté stressed that this two-year mark “was just the beginning”. He continued by specifying that the team is “committed to making Dead by Daylight bigger and more fun (or terrifying) in the long run”. The roadmap they released in March made that pretty clear for fans. There will be new chapters, features and perks as long as the players demand more content.

Thankfully, Côté also specified that mid-chapter patches will also roll out to keep balancing in check. Those commitments are a welcome addition to a really solid game base. One thing is for certain, there’s plenty of fright nights lined up during 2018 and beyond.

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