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Introducing Magiana, the Latest of the Legendary Pokémon

Another new legendary Pokémon makes its debut after Volcanion. Introducing Magiana, the rabbit-robot-like Pokemon.

Pokémon seems to be  only increasing in numbers every now and then. Magiana is the latest creature moving the Kalos roster forward. It was revealed in the latest issue of Famitsu. As reported by Serebii, the Pokémon is supposed a man-made Pokémon, which would explain how it looks all robotic and such. Although no type has been disclosed, I believe that Magiana will probably be a Steel-Fairy type.

Furthermore, this Pokémon seems to be in cahoots with the other recent legendary named Volcanion. He also is of a very peculiar typing. Another first, Volcanion sports a dual Fire-Water typing. It seems that both Volcanion and Magiana show opposites as their typing. Fire and Water are obviously opposites and the Fairy and Steel can represent both natural and artificial life. Take this speculation lightly though.

Also, there seems to be a history between these two mysterious Pokémon. The next Pokémon movie will feature both of them and we should learn about the mystery behind the creation of Magiana. This past is apparently the reason why Volcanion is after Magiana and he is the only one who allegedly knows the truth.

“We’ll bring images of it as soon as humanly possible so keep checking back. We’ll bring more as it comes

Edit @ 13:20: First image of Magiana. Its classification is Man-Made Pokémon. No type has been revealed. Posses a metalic body, text confirms it was ‘made by human hands’. It was made over 500 years ago. Volcanion is chasing Magiana, only it knows Magiana’s secret.

Edit @ 13:27: The movie is to be called Volcanion and the Contriving Magiana”

Another movie and another Pokémon continues to expand the Kalos region. The only question that continues to boggle everyone is: “Where is Pokémon Z?” Even the anime is doing that part for Zygarde and we have yet to hear for the next Pokémon game. Perhaps we will have to wait for E3 for a possible reveal on the next title.

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