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Video Games Live Impressions

Video Games Live Impressions

03 Nov 2012
by Salim edited 04 Nov 2012
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Last week, we were cordialy invited to attend Video Games Live, in Montreal. Hosted by Tommy Tallarico, the show featured a beautiful performance from the Montreal Symphony Orchestra and the talented Laura Intravia (a.k.a. Flute Link). In addition, the whole show was conducted by Grammy Award Winning composer Christopher Tin, except for the finale, which was led by Montreal's own Benoit Grey, composer of various well-known Pokemon themes.

Jon Batzios:

I had the pleasure of attending this year's Video Games Live event, hosted by gaming icon Tommy Tallarico, only to have my mind blown by another excellent set-list of nostalgia-inducing songs. Castlevania, Zelda and Final Fantasy were among the show's most crowd-pleasing scores and it goes without saying that Tommy Tallarico's amazing energy on stage really got the crowd going. I particularly enjoyed the Guitar Hero portion of the show, where a lucky audience member got to rock out along-side Tallarico, as they played a Foo Fighter's favorite, "The Pretender." To quote the show's charismatic creator, they would have to "pick up the Foo Fighters' slack," given that they are no longer touring the world to perform--Mr. Tallarico, we salute you.

The combination of rock and roll lighting, video accompaniment, and an astounding division of the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, really gave music-loving gamers something to get excited about, especially since Grammy award-winning conductor Christopher Tin, was leading the charge for the duration of the evening. Tin was awarded for his musical contribution to Civilization IV. Just when everyone thought the fun was over, Montreal-born conductor Benoit Grey hit the stage for an encore featuring a Pokemon Suite I'm sure attendees won't soon forget. Grey is responsible for the music found in the Pokemon movies, as well as the popular television series. Further, the vocal and flute performance delivered by Laura Intravia (aka Flute Link), was simply stunning. The collective energy of everyone on stage made this year's Video Games Live Concert the best one yet. That said, the bar has been set for next year and I simply cannot wait!

Salim "Slimzz":

Attending the exciting Video Games Live concert is an experience that I think every true gamer should live at least once. The beauty of video game music played by an orchestra is not only gorgeous to listen to, but it touches the heart. Some might find it boring to attend an orchestra-based show, but Video Games Live does things differently. As soon as Tommy Tallarico set foot on stage, he told the people of Montreal that he wants everyone to have fun and cheer when they feel like it. That is exactly what Montreal gamers did.

Every time a song brought back memories, the crowd went crazy as did I. Being part of the hype meant more than participating in a social activity at the Bell Center, it proved that you are a real gamer. The best part of it all was when Tallarico brought Alex (a fan) on stage to play Guitar Hero, everyone began to root for him and, he won Tallarico's bet. The bet was that Alex had to play a Foo Fighter's favorite, "The Pretender", with a minimum score of 350,000 points on Hard difficulty. Alex claimed he could do it on Expert, and he did.

This was truly an amazing experience and an amazing show!

Ari Kabakian:

This was the first time I attended a Video Games Live concert, so I wasn't really sure what to expect from the whole experience. After the show, I couldn't believe how much fun I had. Two hours just flew by without a trace! From the amazing scores, interactive gaming sessions on stage, gorgeous lighting and Mr. Tallarico's electrifying energy, this is definitely a show I will never forget. The orchestral pieces were simply beautiful, and I feel as if it was a privilege to be able to witness the show. Listening to video game music through the game itself is one thing, but when you have the music playing in front of you, with the many instruments and choir, it just sweeps you away into another world.

Having the extremely energetic Tommy Tallarico hosting the show was an absolute pleasure. He really got the crowd interacting with the show, even though it was performed by many serious musicians. Another aspect of the show that I really appreciated was the fact the attendees were able to participate, to be a part of the show. A great example was when the Super Smash Bros. Brawl theme was played. A few audience members were asked to come on stage and play Super Smash Bros. Melee while the musical piece was playing, making the show more dynamic and helping the rest of the audience create a scenario that fits with the music. Also, before the show, there was a Guitar Hero competition. The winner of said competition would earn the right to rock out on stage with Tommy Tallarico, playing "The Pretender" by the Foo Fighters. One person playing the song on Guitar Hero while the other totally shredding it on his guitar. What a sight! Anyone who loves music and is a gamer absolutely NEEDS to go to this show. Even if you aren't a gamer, the show is a lot of fun and you would probably enjoy it nonetheless. I can't wait to go next year!

Video Games Live is an amazing musical experience that encompasses one's true love for gaming, as well as one's love for music. The show brings gamers of all ages together in a exciting, high-energy environment that is completely unparalleled by traditional concerts. It's no question that Tommy Tallarico and his team have done it again. We here at IMGMR.com sincerely wish continued success to the Video Games Live tour. We'll definitely be there next year and we hope to see you there as well!

If you were fortunate enough to enjoy this year's show as well, please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.