New Super Mario Bros. U
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Release: 18.11.2012
Price: $ 59.99

New Super Mario Bros. U

Genres: Plateform Producer: Nintendo
  • Great New Addition
  • A lot of Content
  • As Fun As Ever
  • Soundtrack is Lacking
  • VIsuals couls be better at points

Who said Mario can't fly in the sky

Today, on November 18th 2012, is a big day for the Big N with their new home console which just released. With it, many games are also available for purchase. In fact, there are 25 games to choose from and New Super Mario Bros. U is one of them. Being the first Super Mario game on this brand new platform, people know that is sure to be a great game and is going to be a really successful title, especially since its launching just in time for the Holidays. Whenever we hear the name of Mario, it is also basic knowledge that it will obviously be fun for everyone. Will New Super Mario Bros. U also uphold the Super Mario name? Will it give something new for the new generation of video games? Read on to find out.

From the start, every gamer who touches this title will know, as all Mario games go, that the plot is generally the same as usual; Bowser shows up at Princess Peach's Castle and interrupts a nice tea party between Peach, Mario, Luigi and the blue and orange Toads. Upon the intrusion by the his mechanical arm, which stretched out from his ship, Bowser knocks away everyone except the princess and takes control of the Mushroom Kingdom and each of the Koopalings have taken controls of a World. It is up to Mario and the gang to save the princess and the Mushroom Kingdom. Inspired from Super Mario World, the World Map is shown as a linked linear map between Worlds. Although sometimes there might be forks in the road, they eventually join together in the end. In many instances, gamers will find obstacles and enemies in the their paths while travelling the world map. Upon making contact with enemies, players will be thrown into a mini-arena, where they must defeat them and gain power-ups. The Worlds are seperated mostly into equal number of levels, each holding a sub-boss stage on halfway the World and one boss stage where you fight one of the Koopalings.

Of course, whenever anyone plays a Super Mario game, a great feeling of nostalgia places into their hearts. No one can deny the omnipresence of a Mario title. Unfortunately, even if the game is the first Super Mario title on Wii U, it doesn't bring any real innovations. Actually, this feels more like a New Super Mario Bros. Wii 1.5. This lack in true innovation could be viewed as a lack of creativity. However, one must know that it is still the first title for the new console and may demand more careful planning to really push the boundaries for the Super Mario franchise. Although this game does not show anything ground-breaking, it is still great in terms of content. Even if the single-player Adventure Mode can be completed in roughly 7-8 hours, there is still even more content to go around and keep gamers hooked. With its extra 3 mode, Challenges, Boost Rush and Coin Battle, New Super Mario Bros. U will test your Mario skills. For the Challenges, there are 5 different types: Time Attack, Coin Collection, 1-UP Rally, Special and Boost Mode. Furthermore, the second extra game mode is Boost Rush, a mode where one or two people may team up to create the perfect speed run through a set of stages, similar to New Super Mario Bros. 2's Coin Rush.


Last but not least, there the competitive mode, Coin Battle where 2-4 players go through stages together and fight to collect the most coins possible. Also, players can be in teams or Free-for-All and a fifth player may act as the devil's advocat and put in more obstacles for the others with Gamepad in Boost Mode. Also, there is SpotPass integrated with the game which probably means that the game will have future DLC from Nintendo. In truth, the Gamepad mechanics do not affect the game itself and is only an extra gimmick for that extra person that wants to contribute to the platforming adventure. In the end, New Super Mario Bros. U is a game that will last for a long while. Not to mention there is also new additions to the game such as the famous Flying Squirrel Mushroom, Baby Yoshis and the return of Yoshi himself.

The visuals of this new title has not dramatically grown over its predecessor, New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Actually, New Super Mario Bros. U uses the same graphical engine as this game. Nonetheless, it is still nice to see a Super Mario game's style. As a 2D platformer, the visuals are colorful, with great animations and the usual happy-go-lucky ambiance. On a quick note, characters in the game also sing or dance according the song playing in the backgroumd of a stage. Although this is not 1080p, New Super Mario Bros. U is still the first game where we enjoy our favorite plumber in full HD.


In terms of the audio, we find a little lack of work on the music of the game. Most of the soundtrack is taken straight from past New Super Mario Bros. games and are not even changed in any way. Still, there are still a few different songs in the game for main stages. Unfortunately, this game's weak soundtrack hinders it a little, so a little thought on new songs wouldn't be that bad.

Finally, New Super Mario Bros. U is, like  any other Super Mario game out there, a great game. Again, it is first of its kind in having its game on the Wii U console that just launched. It brings classic gameplay back with a little twist with all the content available. Try to finish every challenge and be the best on Miiverse for speed runs. That will keep you busy enough. Am I right? New Super Mario Bros. U is a must-have for all new Wii U owners today. Remember, the Super Mario name is never used in vain.

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Written by Seif, Nintendo Senior Writer