Wreck-It Ralph has Changed the Way Video Game Movies Are Made

Wreck-It Ralph has Changed the Way Video Game Movies Are Made

04 Nov 2012
by Seif edited 07 Nov 2012
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On Friday November 2nd 2012, the latest video game movie Wreck-It Ralph was released in cinemas: some say this movie changed the way video game movies are made forever. Being the first of its kind to bring cameos from many different kinds of popular video game franchises that most people, gamers or not, will definitely recognize, Wreck-It Ralph is what some call video game movies done right. Here’s why.

The special thing Wreck-It Ralph seems to possess is something you may call an adaptive factor. In other words, this same movie can be seen by someone who calls himself a 'live-and-breathe' gamer and another who has almost never touched a controller in his life and they both would have two different experiences watching the film. The reason this is so is because the director actually knows some video game history - with this knowledge, the theme can then be properly defined to match what gamers expect. To a non-gamer, this is a simple funny animated movie. However, to a gamer, all the jokes and references to the video game industry add an extra coat of humor to an already stellar animated movie.

Not only do the retro gamers of old enjoy this movie for all its nostalgic references, but new & young gamers of this generation can also enjoy the movie. With the already animated ambiance touching the infinite imagination of the young, Wreck-It Ralph also delivers material from recent franchises. Those trolling children in Call of Duty finally have reason to cease their rampage and watch something worthwhile. It's especially cool to witness 8-bit characters standing next to modern and shiny characters; it really shows the difference between the old days of gaming and the new digital age.


One thing Wreck-It Ralph was not the first to include was a plethora of cameos from different companies. The one who first made that possible was Who Framed Roger Rabbit which was able to incorporate Universal Studios’ Looney Tunes and Disney’s Mickey Mouse and friends. Wreck-It Ralph is the first to be able to do that for the video game industry, bringing together characters from the Super Mario franchise such as Bowser, Sonic and Dr Eggman from Sonic The Hedgehog, characters from the Mortal Kombat, others from the Pac Man, and many more.

Simply adding familiar faces to the movie is obviously not good enough to properly succeed in creating a good video game movie. To truly be successful in creating a video game world, there are rules one needs to respect; this movie did that really well. For example, a character may be revived as many times as needed when he or she is inside their designated game, but the character will not be revived if the character leaves their game through the process known as “game hopping”.

Through the use of these techniques, Wreck-It Ralph has become a game changer for the future of video game movies. In the future, if another movie would like to replicate what has been done here, it would need to follow the standards that have been set for this genre of movies. It was always a necessity to keep a theme alive and unchanged in a movie. In almost every movie before Wreck-It Ralph, the general theme of the respected franchises used were always butchered and ruined. The biggest example of that is the Super Mario Bros. movie which is highly regarded as one of the biggest mistakes in the history of mankind.

In the near future there is an Assassin’s Creed movie, a God of War movie and others in the works. The important thing these movies will need are definitely the ability to keep the themes the games created before. In other words, they will need the ability to transfer the same ambiance and universe as their video game counterparts, leaving fans with rich filled experiences they will not regret to pay to watch.