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BEST of CES 2016: 5 Toys Worth Checking Out

Every year, the Consumer Electronics Show reunites thousands of enthusiasts under the same roof for an exclusive look at new technology.

This year around was a special year that highlighted a lot of new cameras, television screens and of course, the unmissable self-driving technology improvement. Choosing the best gadgets and announcements of CES sure wasn’t an easy task; there are a lot of elements to take in consideration. However, what really helps is when a product comes out that sets a new benchmark.

Out of the hundred new products unveiled and showcases at CES 2016, I have decided to pick five of which I found to be clever and worthwhile. Of course, not all five of them are as useful as we think, but they are most definitely original, interesting, wishlist-worth, and cool. If you can let me have five gadgets out of everything that was showcased, here is what I would have picked:


Zeiss Optics + Exolens


The iPhone exclusive camera lens is definitely worth looking out for. Today, we see many smartphone users using applications such as Instagram and Snapchat to share their favourite moments with their friends. Additionally, it isn’t uncommon to use your smartphone to take pictures of your favourite moments instead of using a camera. Besides, it is a lot more accessible to use your phone, that way you carry way less with you!

To make your photo-taking experience a lot more defined, Zeiss Optics developed the ExoLens, a camera lens that mounts on your iPhone and allows you to take phenomenal pictures. The beauty about it all, you get to choose which lens you need and simply clip it on. At the moment, you can set either a Mutar telephoto, wide-angle or Vari-Proxar macro lens. Zeiss Optics claimed that although the technology is available to iPhone 6 and 6S, they plan on making the Exolens available for more smartphones.


Razer Stargazer


Streaming games is a thing; everyone wants to do it, but not everyone can deliver the same video quality professional streamers such as PewDiePie and Siv HD use. The reason? It isn’t easy to find a proper webcam. With that in mind, Razer unveiled a brand new webcam everyone can use called the Stargazer. Thanks to this little piece of technology, anyone can stream and offer their viewers a high quality video capture… well of their face at the very least!

The Stargazer is a 3D-scanning webcam capable of offering a constant 60 fps video capture and recording at 1080p. While most camera are locked and limited to 30 fps, this one jukes them all. Additionally, thanks to its unique 3D-scanning feature, it is capable of creating a virtual green screen. Pretty cool!


LG 98UH9800


LG is known to innovate in the television screen market; they have introduced so many new technology and have helped push the benchmark to completely new levels. During CES 2016, not only did they bring new 4K televisions to the show floor, but they have also introduced the brand new LG 98UH9800, the first 98-inch 8K TV.

Of course, at the time being, it is completely useless to own an 8K TV; most of the 4K technology have yet to be exploited. Was it too early for LG to unveil it than? I don’t believe so! They have always been a leader in their domain and unveiling the 8K simply means, in my opinion, that they already have the technology and now have time to innovate once more and announce something greater for next year.


Wi-Fi HaLow


Statistically proven, most households have but a single router to connect all of the Wi-Fi enables products. For example, in my home, we have a single router that takes care of shipping out Wi-Fi to three to four smartphones, two laptops, two game consoles, one PC, a printer and a television. This amount of connected device can put a lot of strain on a single Wi-Fi router. However, this can all change.

The major issue of connecting many devices is using such a large amount of power. Thanks to The Wi-Fi Alliance, they have come up with a brand new technology called Wi-Fi HaLow. Wi-Fi HaLow isn’t an upgrade, but more like an extension that uses the 900MHz spectrum band (rather than 2.4GHz or 5GHz) to reach twice a far using a lot less power than the standard Wi-Fi protocol. This new technology is said to be a lot better than Bluetooth.


Razer Core


Gaming is coming a long way and now, companies are announcing all-in-one Gaming PCs that offer everything gamers needs at affordable prices. Of course, the option to customize is still there, but where this innovative idea shined bright, Razer came in with yet another concept that simply can’t be left unspoken of.

Introducing the Razer Core, a plug and play graphics card case capable of holding up to two GPUs at the same time. While users have the option to upgrade their GPUs the way they see fit, what really makes the Core unique is how it’s used. Take your laptop at work, fine, but when you come back home and want to play some games, simply plug-in the case to your computer using nothing more than a USB cable, and jack up your graphics by a landslide.


This year around, CES showcased some great technology that left us all puzzled by how it is shaping our future. We saw 1000 HP electric cars, drones capable of flying humans, and a whole lot more crazy stuff. What kind of technology should we expect for next year? One thing is certain, drones, virtual and augmented reality, and smart cars are definitely going to be explored even more.

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