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Pokémon Deck Profile: Mega Charizard Soars On Blazing Wings

Introducing Charizard, everyone’s favorite Pokémon! Want to build a fun deck that uses his fire properties for devastating kills? Mega Evolution Time!


Now, of course, many would argue that Charizard is out of meta and it is not viable to play competitively. However, I do believe that with enough hard work, one can find a decent build for our Fire/Flying starter. For this deck, we will focus on building Mega Charizard to ensure he sweeps the enemy line with his OHKO potential. With the use of the fire support cards such as Blacksmith and Scorched Earth, this can be done in multiple ways while maintaining attack pressure with the help of the second attacker: Typhlosion.

First, let us dive into the deck list and I will share with you the different setup ideas and the strategy behind this fire deck.

mega charizard tcg

Pokémon – 14:charizard tcg

2x M Charizard Y EX
3x Charizard EX – 11/106
2x Entei 14/98
1x Reshiram XY74
3x Typlosion 20/162
3x Cyndaquill

Energy – 23:

Basic Fire 16x
Double Colorless 3x
Burning energy 4x

Trainers – 23:typhlosion tcg

3x Blacksmith
2x Mega Turbo
1x Lysandre
2x Skyla
2x Scorched Earth
2x Switch
2x Protection Cube
2x Ultra Ball
3x Rare Candy
2x VS Seeker
1x Energy Recycler
1x Teammates


No matter which Pokémon you start with, your end goal remains the same: to have Mega Charizard become the main damage dealer. However, sometimes that is hard to achieve since he needs 5 energies and lacks a Spirit Link. So, the deck must have enough early pressure to compensate for the lost turn used to Mega Evolve. Most of the time, you will want to start with Charizard EX or Entei. Charizard can start prepping himself by using Stoke which only needs a single energy. If heads, he will have a total of four attached which makes dangerous early on. If Entei is your start, he will serve as your startup and he can prepare a benched Cyndaquill (Typhlosion), Reshiram or Charizard.

Burn your enemy’s early line-up:

Typhlosion is your best bet to have ready early game since he can pretty much OHKO most of what gets thrown at him using only a single energy. This is why there is an equal amount of energies as there are Trainers and Energy Recycler can help make your become a reloaded flamethrower towards the end-game. Of course, since your energies are sent to the discard pile, Blacksmith and Mega Turbo sets your Mega Charizard and even a Reshiram in case you do not have one in the Bench. Protection Cube is also there to counter Mega Charizard’s side effect. This effectively creates two very damaging Pokémon and the best part is that one of them is not an EX. Regice is no counter to this deck and the same goes for Aegislash EX because the special energies are not a necessity.


charizard typhlosion

In short, the deck is supposed fast-paced enough to create  strong pressure starting turn 1-2. This will give you ample amount of time to focus on your big boy. Your switch is there to save you from possible Lysandre or to bring your Charizard to the field since Typhlosion has a pretty heavy retreat cost. Keep your fire spirit burning and you will not lose momentum. Selectively one shot your enemy’s back line with your own Lysandre to keep your control firm.

If you like the deck, I invite you to try it out yourself. If you have any comments or suggestions to improve this deck, feel free to share in the comments below. Until next deck profile, keep it to IMGMR and celebrate Pokémon 20th anniversary all week long.

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Gentleman, industry analyst, Smasher and has sworn allegiance to Hyrule, Seif Mazzene is the Executive Editor here at IMGMR.
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  • Nass
    23 February 2016 at 5:28 pm
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    Solid deck, but id kill it with my water, sorry just a fire/charizard hater!

    • Seif
      24 February 2016 at 10:48 pm
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      i fairly sure more people will back up Charizard first haha

  • Brennon
    22 October 2017 at 2:23 pm
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    I am trying this deck against Greninja BREAK. I think I will win.

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