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Breakpoint: Luxray Leaves You Shocked Deck Overview

The Gleam Eyes Pokémon is back in Breakpoint and is ready to break through to higher potential damage. Get ready for a shock!

Fellow Pokémon lovers of all ages, it’s time to post up another deck overview featuring the main faces seen in Breakpoint. This time, I will touching on my favorite electric Pokémon: Luxray. In this latest expansion, Luxray got a Break evolution as well as a theme deck to get you started on building him. This deck revolves around our sinister Pokémon and making a strong presence as early as possible. All while giving him the power to remove trainers off your opponent’s hand. Without further ado, let us jump right in!


Pokémon – 17:

3 Luxray Break

3 luxray-flashfireLuxray (Flashfire)

3 Shinx

2 Octillery (Breakthrough)

2 Remoraid

2 Magnemite

2 Magnezone (Breakthrough)



Energies – 16:

2 Double Colorless

10 Basic Electric

4 Flash Energy


Trainers – 27:

3 Professor’s Letters

1 Brigette

2 Trainers Mail

3 Lysandre

1 Teammates

3 Rough Seas

4 Rare Candy

2 Tierno

2 Wally

1 Delinquent

2 Skyla

3 VS Seeker

luxray-roarNow, it is pretty unorthodox relying on stage 2 evolutions. However, this is why the trainers are specifically made to speed up the process on turn 1. 4 Rare Candy make sure you have your Magnezone (or power plant) running as soon as possible. By then, you should also be able to focus on preparing Luxray and getting energies into your hand is pretty easy with the handy Professor’s Letters. Wally is also a good card to have as you can have your Octillery ready for draw power as well as using him to get Luxray BREAK. Evolution becomes a breeze and with the proper handling, most of them can be done in a turn.

The initial goal is to at least have a Luxray and a Magnezone ready turn 1. This will allow early pressure on the opponent’s Active Pokémon as well as on their hand. You get to see their entire hand with Fang Snipes and discard a Trainer of your choice. This is why I choose this Luxray before the Breakpoint one. Discarding key Trainers off your opponent could leave him stuck for an extra turn. This gives ample amount of time to get your Octillery and Luxray BREAK into the field. With momentum, a second Luxray BREAK ready at the bench is not unheard of.

Of course, your pressure could be regained with the help of VS Seeker in the case you run out of key Supporters. If this setup is not convincing enough due to the fact that Luxray is your only offensive option, I do recommend using Raikou from the Breakthrough set. Raikou can pose a problem to your opponent with his natural resistance to any attack as well as the burst potential of Thunder Lance.

That’s all for this deck overview on Luxray, the Gleam Eyes Pokémon. Let me know what you think of this deck or if you are interested in trying it out for yourself.

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