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Nintendo Switch: Things We Want to See During Tonight’s Conference

With hours to spare before Nintendo’s Switch conference, we can’t wait but to give our opinion about what we would like the company to announce.

For years now, we have been in the dark regarding the Nintendo Switch. For quite some time, we knew that it would possibly be a hybrid console, and that its project name was the NX. Tonight, after years of speculations, we will learn about the Switch and what it can do. Here are some of the things that we hope to see in tonight’s conference.


Nintendo Switch: A look Back at What We Know

2016 was an important and decisive year for the Japanese giant. Following the unfortunate and sad passing of Satoru Iwata in 2015, Nintendo found themselves in a difficult transition, All of this happened right in the middle of their 8th Gen console, the Wii U. With a new CEO at the head of the company, Tatsumi Kimishima, both Genyo Takeda and Shigeru Miyamoto decided to bring a new strategy in three important points.

  • Strengthen the company’s image by tackling the mobile market
  • Create a new video game console
  • Fortify and maximize their intellectual properties

This brought Nintendo to ship our projects such as Miitomo and Super Mario Run – Pokemon Go was a product from the Pokemon Company, not Nintendo) – and the new console, the Switch. In 2015, the console’s codename was the Nintendo NX. The Japanese giant decided to reveal the console during the end of 2016. Today, we will have details about it.


Nintendo Switch Exclusives

Launching a new console means bringing new and exclusive titles as well. During the conference, we expect Nintendo to share with us some of the new exclusive titles coming to the Switch. Here are but a few games we would like to learn about:

Bayonetta 3: Bayonetta 2 was an amazing title and a masterpiece. It helped push the Wii U sales forward, despite it having a rough time. A sequel to the game would be an ideal and smart choice that promises to attract masses.

Super Mario Galaxy 3: This one is almost guaranteed to be part of the conference’s lineup. Basically, you can’t think of a new Nintendo console without a new Mario game being part of the release window.

New Metroid Prime: This choice might have been a decision that came from the heart. As a Metroid fan, I would never say no to a new Metroid Prime game. Whether it is a new 3D or 2D platformer title, a sequel would put the console to a good start.

Castlevania: Lord of the Shadows wasn’t as good as it should have been. With Konami doing nothing with the franchise, it would be a good opportunity for them to bring the Castlevania back to life under the Nintendo branding.

Other possible exclusives from series such as Luigi’s Mansion, Monster Hunter and Donkey Kong can’t be left out either. In just a few hours, we will know for sure what Nintendo will be planning for the Switch.


The Price Tag!

Rumors have been strolling around the web claiming that the console could be sold with a price tag of $245 USD. Although the price range seems to be fair, other leaks, such as the one presented by Wal Mart, suggest a price tag of $399 CAN ($299 USD).

One thing is certain, fans hope to learn about the console’s market price. It should be available for preorder by tomorrow, so revealing a price isn’t a no no.


Virtual Console: Nintendo’s History

Over the years, Nintendo has captured our hearts with amazing games from the NES, all the Game Boy iterations, SNES, N64, and the GameCube. If Nintendo plans on sharing with their popular services and classic games collection on the Nintendo Switch, doing it via Virtual Console would be a great idea. That said, Nintendo should announce the service’s support by the Switch.

Even though licensing is an issue that has yet to be resolved by most companies, the Virtual Console library already has enough titles to bring you back in time and remind you just how good, or bad, older games were.

Huge Game Lineup

We mentioned exclusive titles and which one we would like to see on the Switch above. However, exclusives won’t be the only games that will be available on the Switch. Based off the first reveal of the console, titles such as Skyrim will also be available. Other titles were also showcased, but we should expect at least 10 games or so to be announced and confirmed for the Switch.


Hardware ! We see Hardware !!!

If there is something we want to see, it’s what the Switch has to show. Even if the Switch conference wants to showcase the console itself and its capacities, we want technical details to the extreme. May it be about the level of RAM, stockage and the prowess of the graphics, we should be able to leave the Nintendo Switch conference with a clear idea on the console.


Nintendo Switch

The idea of a technical demonstration is to make it clear what the Nintendo Switch can do. We all remember very well the fiasco of the Kinect 2.0 of the Xbox One on the very day of it’s annoncement. This was very hurtful to Microsoft and the Xbox team, and explains the fact that the PS4 was number one. If the Nintendo Switch wants to showcase itself as a video game console for all type of gamers and be able to offer all experiences offered by the competitors, the Nintendo Switch conference must make all of this clear. Of course, Nintendo’s strategy shouldn’t be based on the capacities that the Switch offers like it’s rivals, far from that.

We want the Nintendo Switch to continue de tradition of offering a typical Nintendo experience. That means : a good and original experience not found anywhere else. Of course, we want to see familiar faces like Shigeru Miyamoto or Reggie Fils-Aime.

What do you think of this 5 announcements ? Do you have other announcements that you would like to see during the Nintendo Switch conference ? Stay tuned and connected on IMGMR and share your opinions on the subject with us as we prepare to cover the Reveal Event tonight at 11:00PM ET.

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