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Deck Profile: From the Shadows Dark Alice is Laughing

The queen of darkness makes quite the entrance. Embrace the shadows!

Ladies and Gents, for IMGMR’s first Force of Will deck profile, we’re proud to give you the one and only Dark Alice: Maiden of Slaughter midrange deck. In the following article we will give you a full deck list on how to build it and some tips and trick to be the best in those FOW tournaments.

alice-deck-dark-faria-2Let’s start by talking about Dark Alice herself. She will be the main ruler on your deck and will have a lot of card surrounding her abilities to ensure a solid victory. Her main ability as a ruler, aka “Girl in the Twilight Garb”, is for the cost of one darkness mana, you can and should remove from play one card from your opponent’s graveyard.

Now why is that important? Well, because just like any ruler, she can judgement and become Dark Alice on the battlefield. The cost to judgement her in is 0 as long as there are 3 cards removed from play. Pretty nifty right? And once she ascends onto the field, her entrance abilities allows her to choose a number of mana cost and all resonators with that cost are destroyed automatically. It’s quite aggressive and yet quite controlling.



Here’s the full list of cards that run in the following deck:

Ruler: 1 total

Girl in Twilight Garb/Dark Alice Maiden of Slaughter


3x Guinevere, the Jealous Queen

3x Rasputin

2x Mozart

4x Nyarlathotep the Usurper

2x Jeanne D’arc, Shadow Princess of Purity

3x Dark Faria, Shadow Princess of Ebony

3x Lora the Blood Speaker

2x Carmilla, the Queen of Vampires

2x Zero the Magus of Null

1x Mephistopheles Abyssal Tyrant or 1x Zero, the Magus of Null

1x Blazer, the Eater of Dimensions

1x Dark Melgis, the Shadow Flame

1x Elizabeth Shadow Princess of Blood

Spells: 13 total

4x Scorn of Dark Alice

2x Spiral of Despair

3x Flame of the Outer World or 3x Stoning to Death

2x Schrodinger, the Fallen Black Cat

1x Necronomicon

Magic Stones: 10 Total

1x Little Red, the Pure Stone (can be replaced by shadow’s memoria if you don’t have any)

1x Grusbelesta, the Sealing Stone (can be replaced by shadow’s memoria if you don’t have any)

4x Magic Stone of Scorched Bales

4x Darkness Magic Stone

deck-dark-alice-1As you can see, the deck flows pretty well and can have a lot of good early game curve to ensure a total handlock control throughout the game. The early aggression from Scorn of Alice is close to none. Not to forget the combo of both Guinevere with either, Mozart or Rasputin can allow you to have that early board control. Spiral of Despair and Stoning to Death are a good turn 4 play; like that not only do you discard 2 cards from you opponent’s hand, you also get to destroy one of their resonators.

We also have some good beaters and executers to ensure our late game prominence. Blazer, Melgis and Mephistopheles are three major cards that can be played during your late game. They will ensure you have power cards that deal a great amount of damage. Alice herself and her regalia Schrodinger are both a force to be reckoned with.

There are many ways one can play the J/Ruler Dark, Alice whether is midrange or control. If you have any comments or better builds for a midrange Dark Alice, feel free to leave them down under and we’ll gladly feature them in future articles.

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    Hey guys, im the writer of this deck buiild. If you have any suggestions or modifications feel free to dicuss it here!

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