Doki Doki Litterature Club


I knew It hid stuff… I didn’t know how deep the rabbit hole went!

Have you ever criticized someone for playing Japanese romantic visual novels? Doki Doki Litterature Club is the latest one you might have heard about. However, it offers a little more than romance!


“Yo bro, you have to check this game out, it called Doki Doki Litterature Club”, said Nour, my best friend’s meme-hungry little brother. Before I knew it, we were sitting in the comfort of our video game and trading card game store playing this ‘thing’. I was told beforehand that Doki Doki tends to become twisted, so I was expecting jump scares and all…


It All Starts Smoothly

After a good while, the story develops into an interesting love story between the main character, you, and Sayori, one of the schoolgirls – she also happens to be a very good friend of yours. As you write down your poems, she becomes more and more interested in you. What started off as a friendly walk down to the school and back home turns into a basis love affair. A couple of days later, you are encouraged to meet up with one of the other girls for some help preparing for some random school festival.

Sayori sees you with the other girl…(naturally)

You explain that things aren’t what they look like, and even open about your feelings towards her. The next day, you head off to school and Monika, the president of the literature club, informs you that you should not have left Sayori hanging…she apparently knows about the whole incident. You run out of class and head to her house. Once there, you look inside her room, only to find Sayori dead. The gruesome scene breaks your heart…and the game restarts.

This is when things become out of control – everything involving Sayori is buggy. Eventually, the game becomes self-aware of the issue and restarts one more time. This time, the scrip has slightly changed; it is as if Sayori never existed.

Doki Doki turns from this calm love story and relationship between all the members of the literature club into a dark and buggy game. Characters uncontrollably start yelling. The script becomes messed up and even goes into a vulgar direction.

I am not going to spoil everything, I really want you to go have a look by yourself. However, what I do want to share is how deep the game goes.


Down The Rabbit Hole, We Go

As it turns out, Doki Doki Litterature Club is more than just a single game, it hides a lot of crazy content. Not only do you get to learn more about the girls and their role in the game, but you also learn the actual truth…some of them are not where they belong.

Rarely have I seen this, but Doki Doki offers you the possibility to visit and play around with its folders. As you progress through the game, new files get created, some get deleted, all have a purpose. For example, one on the girls’ files is actually a sound. Once you figure that out and open it in an audio program, you notice that the waves aren’t normal. Shrink them into a square to reveal a usable QR code. Sick right!

The last time I have played a game with such hidden content was back a few years ago – it is called E.B.O.N.Y. The Weirdest Riddle Game On The Internet and it is still available online to play.


E.B.O.N.Y. The Weirdest Riddle Game On The Internet

Both games make you go out the way to uncover its secrets. The major difference between them is that E.B.O.N.Y. brings you to the next page, while Doki Doki uncovers the truth…that there is a new game coming and that the characters are hiding more than we believe.

If you wish to discover the game for yourself, I urge you to head over on Steam and download it (it is free).


PS: This might not seem like much, but I recommend you save Monika’s original file when she asks you…you might need to load it back in soon – maybe in the new game Team Salvato is working on.


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