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Breakpoint: Greninja Slashes from the Shadows Deck Overview

Say hi to Pokemon’s silent ninja.

Welcome to IMGMR’s first TCG Pokemon deck overview. These will happen multiple times during the week and we will be showcasing many deck that are either competitive or casual or just plain fun gimmick ones.

On today’s menu, we will be giving guys a brand new Greninja deck making use of the new Breakppoint card coming out February 3rd 2016. This deck main focuses on the Greninja build ups and using other cards as engines and supporters to make sure you’re “waterproof” for any situation coming.

Without further ado here is the list of cards:

Pokemon – 18

3 x Greninja (Breakpoint)

3 x Greninja Break (Breakpoint)

3 x Frogadier (Breakpoint)

2 x Froakie (Breakpoint)

1 x Lapras (Breakpoint)

1 x Suicune (Breakpoint)

1 x Manaphy (Breakpoint)

1 x Regice

1 x Blastoise EX

1 x Mega Blasoise EX

1 x Palkia (Breakpoint)


Energies – 14

2 x Double Colorless Energy

4 x Water Special Energy (Breakpoint)

8 x Basic Water Energy


Trainer Cards – 28

2 x Rough Sea

3 x VS Seeker

2 x Puzzle of Time (Breakpoint)

2 x Professor Birch Observatory

2 x Lysander

1 x Level Ball

3 x Dive Ball

2 x Skyla

1 x Psychic’s Third Eye (Breakpoint)

2 x Professor’s letter

1 x Fisherman

3 x Tierno

1 x Archie’s Ace in the Hole

1 x Pokemon Catcher (Breakpoint)

1 x Professor Sycamore


The idea behind this deck is to insure all the situations that water Pokemon may face. With the new release of the water energy, a player doesn’t really need to worry about losing a certain type of Pokemon since well he or she will get them back in their hands. Greninja will serve as a quick way to kill with his new break and Blastoise is there to ensure that we have a tank/bursting Pokemon to assist us.

Lapras, Articuno and Suicune will serve as both supports and engines to ensure that we build our bench properly. At the same time Regice and Manaphy are there to make sure were either locking our opponents down or were free moving between active and benched Pokemon.

Let’s not forget also Palkia whose there to make sure energies are being attached to our benched Pokemon to speed up the process. It can work both as an aggressive and control deck. In other terms, even mid-range players will find fun in this deck.

Don’t agree with our list of pokemon cards? Have a better way to tweak the deck? Make sure to let us know in the comments below!

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  • Noureddine Mazz
    1 February 2016 at 9:38 pm
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    Great way to start off the 20th anniversary with non other than Greninja! Hopefully Regice won’t be a pain to deal with.. :p

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