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Road to Competitive – Pokémon X/Y & ORAS: Individual Values (IVs) 101 Part 2, Breeding

Breeding is the best way to achieve the IV you are looking for. It takes some time, but then again, you are investing yourself to make a perfect Pokémon for competitive play – the wait is worth it!

The idea itself is simple to understand, put two Pokémon of different genders, or a Ditto with a Pokémon regardless of gender, walk, collect an Egg, and hatch it. In order to control the result and ease the process, you will need a few things:

  • Ditto with 6 Perfect IV from a different region then yours
  • Pokémon capable of producing an Egg
  • Everstone
  • Destiny Knot
  • Pokémon with Flame Body
  • Access to the Pokémon Judge


The Perfect Ditto

Ditto, as you may know it, is the perfect Pokémon to breed. Whether you are looking to complete the Pokédex, or the breed better creatures, Ditto is your go to Pokémon. Having a perfect Ditto with 6 perfect IV from a different region is the best choice you can make. Why from another region? Simply because doing so will increase the rate at which Egg will be made. The fact that it had 6 perfect IV works along with Destiny Knot (explained below).

The best places where you can find the Ditto you need would be online, in either Facebook trading groups or forums, such as official Pokémon forums and on Smogon. Pokémon is all about having a strong community, so don’t be shy to socialize with other trainers and tell them what you need. You will definitely find someone willing to trade with you.

Once you have your Ditto, don’t forget to pair it with a Pokémon capable of producing an Egg. If you are not sure whether you can or can’t produce one, you can check its chart online. If under Egg group it says Undiscovered, it means that there is absolutely no way to produce an Egg from that creature.


Forcing Nature with Everstone

Evertone is a very important item when it comes to breeding. When you give it to the Pokémon you are breeding with Ditto, it ensures that the Egg will hatch with a Nature similar to it. For example, in the picture below, an Adamant Bidoof is paired with a Quirky Ditto. Since the Bidoof parent is holding an Evertone, the newborn level 1 Bidoof will share its Nature, thus making it an Adamant Bidoof. The IVs, however, will be different.

Bidoof and Ditto

Now if you want to have some control over the IVs transcending into the Egg, you will need the Destiny Knot.


Destiny Knot for Higher Chances

On normal terms, when you breed Pokémon, the offspring will take from both parents a total of three stats for its own. That being said, there are many possible results for each newborn creature, but at the end of the day, the chances that you get perfect stats are very slim and rely very much on luck. Even when both parents have 6 perfect IVs, it’s difficult.

Looking at the picture below, when not using Destiny Knot on Ditto, the offspring’s IVs look terrible overall. The Squirtle in the middle is an example of what you might get if you get lucky. Since half the stats are generated at random, you will have to make a lot more Egg in order to get your perfect 6 IV Pokémon. It’s true that you can settle for 4 or 5 perfect IV, but this can come at a disadvantage to you if you face a Trick Room team, which isn’t uncommon.

Breeding Without Destiny Knot

On the other hand, giving your Ditto Destiny Knot will ensure that the offspring will search for 5 stats from the parents instead of 3. This of course increased your chances for having a perfect Pokemon. The picture below explains just how that can affect offsprings.

Breeding With Destiny Knot


Flame Body to Burn Hatching Time

The last important element you need is a Pokémon in your party with the ability called Flame Body. It isn’t a necessity, but it will make everything a lot faster. Why? Simply because having such a Pokémon in your team will make you hatch eggs a lot faster. For example, if an Egg needs 5000 steps to hatch, it will do so in 2500 instead. In short, Flame Body ensures that all of your Eggs hatch in half the required steps.

When breeding, quantity is key, since you are looking for the perfect one, so the more Eggs you make, the better. That said, the faster you can hatch them, the better it is at the end of the day.


It is important to note that when you start, the parent Pokémon won’t have as many perfect IVs; it might not even have any actually. So as you breed and update the parent, the closer you will become from reaching your goal of having the perfect specimen.

Once that is said and done, you can start Effort Value (EV) training.

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