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E3 2018 : Halo Infinite

Prequel or sequel?

The Microsoft press conference this year started out with a bang. A quick trailer of two minutes and we only got what game it was featuring three quarters of the way; a new Halo game is coming. We don’t know much about the game as for now but we could speculate that we are going to be on a new planet with different kind of enemies – the writing is literally on the walls. First, we see a beautiful open landscape with new wildlife and shots from inside the tents, on a beach. Then we cut back to marines beside structures that look like small halos, panning back and that was when we saw him; Master Chief is back!

It looks like Halo is going back to its roots with a brighter color scheme, similar to the first game. The new Slipspace engine seems very capable of beauty, we just need to see it in action. With past Halo games, the 343 Industries team managed to do a stunning job with what they had, let’s hope that with a new shiny engine, they can go even further!


Last piece of speculation from our part, with the last iteration, it seemed that either Master Chief will have a new A.I. companion or Cortana’s departure was only temporary. Or if you want to go even further than that; The helm in not cracked right? Let me explain. At the end of Halo 5 (no spoilers), the helm of Master Chief is worn out, with a visible crack in the visor, in the trailer for Halo Infinite, the Master Chief we see is wearing a brand new armor with the older design from the first Halo. Is it possible that this game is the prequel to the series and it is the story about how John became the Master Chief?


There is no due date for the game as for now but we will keep you posted if we hear anything during the rest of E3.

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