About us

About Us

IMGMR, officially went online in June 2011 and was created by gamers, for gamers. IMGMR stands for “I am Gamer” and “I Make Gaming My Reality”.

IMGMR is backed by a community of gamers that share both the love for games and information, and the company is dedicated to ship said information in various forms through online media, news, reviews, previews, and editorials to cover the latest in gaming, anime and comics, TCG, tech, and everything else to satisfy our readers.

IMGMR is run by Chief Executive Officer Nacer Mazzene and is supported by a committed team of unique and talented individuals set to produce content day by day. In addition to being active online catering to both the English and French market, IMGMR is notorious for hosting great events and tournaments.


IMGMR’s mission is to provide fans and readers with the most accurate information about current and upcoming developments taking place within the gaming industry. As your #1 destination, IMGMR is committed in offering updates in both English and French.