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What is Going on at Tokyo Game Show 2016?

Ohayō! It’s time for Tokyo Game Show and as the day goes by, multiple Japanese game companies have revealed new information.

What is Pokemon GO? The Good & The Bad!

Pokemon GO is massive – practically everyone I know is playing it. While some of my friends were able to download it, others had to go throu...

Pokémon Go Has Taken Over My Life (and I am OK With That)

It’s crazy how a little app on a phone can take over the world in just a few days. This week, Pokémon Go became bigger than Tinder; ev...

Everything Pokémon GO: Tips, Guides and News

Ladies and gentlemen, Trainers of all ages, with the incredible behind Pokémon GO going crazy worldwide, we have composed a central for all ...

The Legend of Zelda Exploring the Wild Part 2: Mystery of The Old Man

Welcome back to my new column properly named “Exploring the Wild” where I explore all the mysteries behind the new Zelda.

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Wii U News

Yooka-Laylee Gets A New Trailer & Guest Appearance

Set for release during Q1 2017, Team17 and Playtonic Games revealed a brand new trailer for the anticipated Yooka-Laylee game.

Nintendo Download Highlights: Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse, Donkey Kong and More

RPG fans should check out the eShop because Atlus is dropping the next installment in the Shin Megami Tensei franchise on 3DS. It’s ti...

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot Speaks Greatly of The NX

It seems that Ubisoft has taken a liking to the new Nintendo platform (that has yet to be revealed). How much did the Ubisoft CEO like this ...

What Would A Zelda Film By Ghibli Look Like?

Ghibli is established animation company. One man is working on a project that would show what a Zelda fan film made by them would look like.

Pokemon Sun & Moon Trailer and New Pokemon NX?

Some more faces have been revealed today in a new trailer for the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon. Furthermore, some more talks on the NX rise...

Rumor: Nintendo NX Reveal This Coming Week?

Whenever a new console is still under wraps, it is expected that leaks and rumors will be flying around. The NX is still unrevealed, but is ...

Nintendo Download Highlights: Dragon Quest, Yo-Kai Watch 2 and More

Another week of eShop downloads is upon us. 3DS owners will be happy to see that they try out the new Yo-Kai watch 2 demo. Also, brace yours...

Tokyo Game Show 2016: What Should We Expect?

With E3 and Gamescom having passed by, it’s time to put our focus on the next big event in gaming: Tokyo Game Show. What should expect...

New Pokemon Generations Animated Show Revealed

A new Pokemon Generations show has officially been revealed. Travel through the timeline and visit the many great moments in the incredible ...

Shigeru Miyamoto Admits VR Is Not For Mario

Should Mario be featured in a VR game? Does Nintendo have any interest in making the red plumber visit the the Mushroom Kingdom through virt...

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