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Sonic Celebrates 25 Years of Speed and Chilidogs

Everyone’s favorite hedgehog is turning 25 this year and there is pretty concept art to show off while we recount his many years of se...


Every year, over 100 video games are released. From AAA to Indie, these games all qualify for the ultimate award of GAME OF THE YEAR!

#MIGS15: Rubika To Open A School In Montreal

Since its establishment in 1987 by “la Chambre de Commerce” & “l’Industrie du Grand Hainaut”, Rubika schoo...

#MIGS15: The “Must-Attend” Video Game Conference on the East Coast

While the name might not ring any bells to consumers, the Montreal International Game Summit is a meeting place for the gaming industry.

Why Blame it on The Goose When You Can Blame it on Video Games?

Everybody knows the hit single “Blame it” by T-Pain. People blame bad things on alcohol or other vices. Is video gaming considered one?

PS3 News

WWE 2K17 Tracklist Hand Picked by Puff Daddy

Today, the entire WWE 2K17 tracklist, which was hand-picked by Puff Daddy, was unveiled.

Batman: The Telltale Series Gets Official Release Date

Batman: The Telltale Series it the latest title of the Telltale franchise. We discussed about a release window, but now, we have an official...

EVO 2016: Final Results Live From Las Vegas

The most prestigious fighting game tournament has been going on this whole weekend and we are reaching the end of it soon. Smash Bros. Melee...

Meet Tiyo, The Limbless Gamer

Every now and then, we are touched by the incredible story of those who prove that there is no such thing as human limitations. This is the ...

PewDiePie and Other YouTubers Discovered To Be Accepting Bribes

The biggest scandal in gaming since GamerGate has finally come to light. Shadow of Mordor is the game in question and this is a sad in gamin...

EVO’s Street Fighter V Tournament Will Be Live On ESPN2

The most prestigious event in all of fighting games is right around the corner. Looks like ESPN wants a piece of the action too as it wants ...

New Black Ops III DLC Coming In Hot

Some new content is coming for Black Ops III and it is called: Descent! The third DLC pack for the game will be coming down soon enough.

Capcom Will Be Unveiling New Info On Monster Hunter and Ace Attorney at Anime Expo

We are only days away from Anime Expo, Capcom is ready to unveil some new information on Ace Attorney 6 and Monster Hunter Generations.

UPDATED: Ninja Gaiden Composer Working On a New Project

The music composer of the Ninja Gaiden series is working on something new and of course we are all hoping it’s about the return of Ryu...

Beyond Good & Evil 2 Still in Development

During the Ubisoft press conference, the company announced quite a few cool titles here and there; they even invited huge names to go up on ...

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