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Why VR Headsets Are Going To Fail! (Then Again, I Might Be Totally Wrong)

Let me be clear, I’m no expert, nor do I have insider knowledge. This is solely based on my opinions and as the title says, I’m ...

(UPDATED) E3 2016: The Games

E3 is like Christmas for gamers and critics, we get to play some of the most exclusive games out there, month before they even launch.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare vs Battlefield 1: A Clash for the Title for the Best FPS of 2016 Begins

Let the games begin! Just like Hunger Games only the ones with the most fans will win the battle to see who will be the king of shooters.

Can You Be My Player 2?

I often wonder what is the perfect game to play with my girlfriend. I guess that I’m not the only one. Is Super Smash too hard? Is Yos...

PAX EAST 2016: Who Gets the Spotlight?

PAX East is always a pleasure to attend – you get to see a bunch of familiar faces, cool developers, awesome games and of course, the goodie...

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Overwatch Champion Profile: Reaper

Born as Gabriel Reyes, Reaper was once a human who joined the military. Eventually, his path crossed that of John Morrison (Soldier 76), and...

Overwatch Champion Profile: Widowmaker

In her former life, before she became the deadly weapon she is now, she was known as Amélie Lacroix and happily married to Gérard Lacroix, a...

David Hayter & His Relationship with Hideo Kojima

As it turns out, we haven’t heard the last from the whole David Hayter and Hideo Kojima story.

Overwatch Champion Profile: Genji

Saved from a near death caused by a fight between Genji and his older brother Hanzo, Overwatch and Dr. Angela Ziegler ensured that Genji wou...

Overwatch Champion Profile: Lúcio

Following the important Omnic Crisis that took place a few years back, Rio de Janeiro, an important city in Brazil, was hit hard – already u...

Rocket League Cross-Network Play Available Now

Today is an important day not only for developer Psyonix, but for the gaming industry as well. Today is truly is Historic Moment in gaming!

Tweet Goes Out Hinting On a New Sonic Game

Sonic The Hedgehog has seen better days and everyone in the gaming industry can agree to that. However, he is still an icon of the industry.

Kojima’s New Studio Not As Big As Is Sounds

Thanks to an interview made by Gamereactor, details regarding Kojima’s upcoming game studio have been revealed, well, more like shared!

Little Girl Sees Her Overwatch Fan-Made Art Turn Into Concept Art

The Internet if full of concept art. From movies to video game characters, artists love to show their appreciation while showing off their s...

E3 to Hold Public Event Called E3 Live!

E3 has been known to be an industry-exclusive event (except for like 2 years). However, this E3 is making a separate event happening for the...

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