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Let’s Discover The Secrets of Far Harbor!

Always be thankful for what you have, even if it’s not much. Tell yourself that others have it worse and require immediate assistance....[Read More]

Mighty No. 9 Is Finally Dead Set on a Date

After so many issues and delays for the big game from Keiji Infaune, Mighty No. 9, Comcept finally announces a new release date after a long...[Read More]

Dishonored 2 Gets a Release Date

Today is a great day for Dishonored fans; the second title of the series was confirmed and a release date was even announced.

 Should We Be Excited for the new Battlefield?

News involving a brand new Battlefield has struck the web, and that, right before one of the biggest video games convention, E3.

Cheat in Dark Souls III…Get Banned!

Dark Souls III is already hard enough as a game and as it turns out, a few players out there figured how to bypass certain aspects of the ga...[Read More]

Razer’s Turret Lets You Game From The Couch

When it comes down to gaming tech, Razer is one of the leaders thanks to their wide variety of products, ranging from tournament grade keybo...[Read More]

Organized Crime or Disorganized Storyline?

Mafia games have been races of power within a corrupted city flooded by crime, bribery, dealing and shady characters.

Guile Is Revealed For Street Fighter V

Capcom is getting ready to release the second DLC character for Street Fighter V. Introducing everyone’s favorite military man, Guile!

World of Warcraft Legion Finally Get a Date

When a World of Warcraft expansion is about to come out, many fans who stopped playing tend to log back on and get back into the beat.

Vanilla WoW Petition Might Go A Long Way

When you think World of Warcraft, the million of players come to mind – it is a Universe of its own and it is very much alive today as...[Read More]

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