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LCS Fantasy Week 5: Who To Start/Bench

Here is a list of three players to target either in order to start them in your fantasy line-up or bench them if they have a tough schedule.

Exclusive Interview with Shiroiaisu Cosplay on BlazeBlue Central Fiction

BlazeBlue Central Fiction is already out in Japanese arcades, since November 19, 2015, and to celebrate that fact and the multiple updates a...

LCS Fantasy Week 4: Who To Start/Bench

Here is a list of three players to target either in order to start them in your fantasy line-up or bench them if they have a tough schedule.

Breakpoint: Gyarados Rages Through Deck Overview

The Dragon Rages on in red.

Breakpoint: Greninja Slashes from the Shadows Deck Overview

Say hi to Pokemon’s silent ninja.

Video Games News

Mass Executive Resignations Leave Mad Catz In Trouble

Mad Catz takes a strong hit to the stomach after this sudden announcement. A bunch of executives just got up and walked out.

Nintendo President Prepares Investors For Future Big Profits

Nintendo president Kimishima addresses the investors’ meeting with news on the future of the company, the NX and the mobile market.

Buff/Nerf Your Weapons With The Latest Black Ops 3 Patch

Today is a good day for game developer Treyarch; they have released the new Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 patch. Here are the features:

GameTrailers closes its doors after 13 years

It’s official, GameTrailers revealed today on Facebook that it is shutting down after 13 years of premiering video trailers for video ...

PlayStation 5: What Should It All Be About?

The PlayStation 4 is currently leading the infamous gaming console war, but what is in store for the future of Sony’s gem brand, the P...

TyLoo And Qz Issue Statement

TyLoo, who were disqualified from the Asia Minor have issued a statement regarding the disqualification and including Wu’s own explana...

Dota 2 6.86e Went Live

With the new 6.86e tweak patch, came two nerf. Icefrog also added a new path to the Winter Battle Pass. Some pros are not happy with the ner...

GTA V Most Tweeted Game In 2015

If you are active on Twitter, you might have noticed that this year, there were quite a few games being talked about by the community.

Fallout Out 4 and Metal Gear Solid 5 uniting in Fallout’s New Mod

You may ask: what could be better than playing a game that you enjoy? How about fusing two games you like in one with Fallout 4’s new ...


Doomsday is shortly upon us! Will you take the “Stairway to Heaven” or will you fight on the “Highway to Hell“. Get ...

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