Invade & Conquer In Oriental Empires

Known for their work on strategy games, Netherlands’ Iceberg Interactive announced today the release date for Oriental Empires.

Razer Firefly Cloth Edition Available For Pre-Order Today

Gaming mouse mats are important to professional players when it comes to having ‘the best surface’ to play on.

Few Pokemon GO Accounts Getting Un-Banned

Since it was launched, Pokemon GO has seen many of its players being banned for various reasons.

Some PlayStation VR Upgrades Will Be Free

With virtual reality on the rise on PlayStation, many games will be receiving support for the new head display peripheral, the PlayStation V...

Final Fantasy XV Gets Delayed – Director Explains Decision

Final Fantasy XV gets delayed and fans aren’t happy about it. Game director Hajime Tabata explains the situation and the decision.

World of Warcraft Legion Available Tomorrow

Following Warlords of Draenor, Blizzard has been working in a brand new expansion to the World of Warcraft, Legion.

The King of Fighter XIV World Championship Confirmed

With the continued increase in the popularity of eSports fighting games, SNK brings their latest King of Fighters game into the spotlight wi...

Nintendo Shows Off Summer Nindie Specials

As Nintendo prepares to show off a number of cool indie games at PAX West in Seattle, the video game maker is making sure that game lovers a...

Xbox Boss On Scorpio & PS4 Cross-Play

When Xbox comes in conversation, the subject of Scorpio and cross-play aren’t far behind.

Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa Performing At Next Call of Duty Event

If you followed E3 2016, you might recall Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa being invited to test some shooters.

Logan Davis Wins July TCG Cup

PokeBeach recently held its July TCG Cup and a new winner has been crowned – the tournament in question was played using the Standard format...

Xbox One Backward Compatibility List (UPDATED AUG 25TH)

Back in November 2015, Xbox One launched its backward compatibility feature with a lineup of 104 games. Since then, the service had been off...

Nioh Beta Available for Download in EU

Today, video game publisher Tecmo Koei unlocked the Nioh beta for PlayStation 4 users in the European market.

Dragon Quest XI Confirmed for NX

Dragon Quest has always been a household name in the role-playing game genre and the next title will prove to be a great addition to Nintned...

Nintendo Sells Some of Their Ownership of The Seattle Mariners

Nintendo enthusiasts would know that Nintendo and sports teams have a long history together. The Big N is selling part of the Mariners.

Nintendo Presents The Plans For PAX West

As PAX West rapidly approaches, Nintendo has a lineup featuring RPGs, indie games and lots of fun.

Meet The Final Fantasy XV English Voice Actors

For a decade now, Final Fantasy XV has been in development. Throughout the years, the title even changed its name.

Pokemon GX Mechanics Revealed

The Pokemon TCG constantly evolves and throughout the series and sets, it introduced, and removed, quite a number of interesting mechanics.

What Are Farts For If You Can’t Smell Them?

The world of South Park is filthy, full of farts, and featured some of the most loved, yet disgusting and troublesome, characters.

NX May Be Using The New Nvidia Chip

A few weeks ago, Eurogamer had reported that the NX will be using the Tegra X1 chip from Nvidia, a mobile chip. Sources say this is not the ...

Opinions and Stuff

Is Zamasu’s Plan To Fool Zeno, The King of All?

Dragon Ball Super is on fire right now and questions are popping up everywhere. Who is Black? How is he and Zamasu related? What are Zamasu’...

How is Zamasu Related to Black? What is Super Saiyan Rose?

In the 55th Episode of Dragon Ball Super, the previews for next week’s show introduced a new Super Saiyan form, Super Saiyan Rose.

Casual Vs Hardcore: The Eternal Conflict

Ah the Casual vs Hardcore debate. We see those terms thrown around all the time on messages boards and forums. Casuals are bad and Hardcore ...

Pokemon TCG: Getting Ready for the World Championship

The 2016 Edition Pokemon World Championship is around the corner and the guest list is massive.

Who is Goku Black? Zamasu a Piece of the Puzzle!

Who is Goku Black? Ever since this new character came along, questions regarding his origins have been exploding.

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