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(UPDATED) E3 2016: The Games

E3 is like Christmas for gamers and critics, we get to play some of the most exclusive games out there, month before they even launch.

How To Deal Without Having Internet As A Gamer When Moving

You just moved in and you are waiting for your internet service provider to finally get it back online? Yep that means no Netflix, no Facebo...

Drinking and Gaming 2: Another round!

Warning, the consumption of this text is still strongly prohibited to underage gamers. I guess if you read the first one, you will read this...

Pokémon Sun and Moon’s Newest Mechanic Could Be “Astral” Evolution

2016 is the year where we celebrate 20 years of Pokémon and to that end, The Pokémon Company revealed the seventh generation games.

20 Years Of Pokémon: Tales From An Old Friend

I was 9 years old when I got my first Gameboy, one year or so before the North America launch of Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue. I played most...

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3DS News

Rumor: Here Is What Will Probably Come For The First Of NX

A lot of questions are continuing to rise about the NX and the mystery only grows with more rumors and speculation. Here is what we believe ...

Nintendo Reveals New DLC Maps For Fire Emblem Fates

Still playing Fire Emblem Fates? Did you get through all the first round of DLC? Nintendo has got you covered on that part with a new round ...

Nintendo’s E3 Lineup Consists of a Single Game

Nintendo announced a variety of updates during the earnings announcement for its full fiscal year, ended March 31.

(UPDATED) NX Official Release Date Revealed By Nintendo

Nintendo’s next dedicated gaming console, codenamed NX, has finally been given a release window officially by Nintendo. It’s on ...

Nintendo Download Highlights: Star Fox Zero, Star Fox Guard and More Fire Emblem Fates DLC

Another week of Nintendo downloads is upon us! This week, we take it to space with the release of two Star Fox games: Star Fox Zero and Star...

Nintendo Reveals Their Plans For PAX East

When planning for this year’s PAX East, make sure you add “Visit Nintendo’s booth!” to your list of important things to do – and maybe under...

Nintendo Teams Up With SONIC For Mario Promotion

In an ironic twist, Nintendo is going to work with SONIC for a new promotion partnership highlighting a Mario game. It’s still kind of...

New Monster Hunter Generations Information Detailed

After the long-awaited reveal, Monster Hunter Generations is preparing to invade the 3DS market with the latest game in the franchise!

Nintendo Download Highlights: Bravely Second Drops, Lost Reavers Beta Begins and Spring Sale Continues

Some new games are hitting the Wii U and 3DS once again. On 3DS, we got the next RPG releasing tomorrow while the Wii U begins beta for Band...

Rumor: Samus On Her Way To NX?

As we approach the epic month of June, more and more noise is growing all over regard the next big NIntendo box. Is Metroid coming to NX?

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