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Nintendo Shows Off Summer Nindie Specials

As Nintendo prepares to show off a number of cool indie games at PAX West in Seattle, the video game maker is making sure that game lovers a...[Read More]

Dragon Quest XI Confirmed for NX

Dragon Quest has always been a household name in the role-playing game genre and the next title will prove to be a great addition to Nintned...[Read More]

Nintendo Sells Some of Their Ownership of The Seattle Mariners

Nintendo enthusiasts would know that Nintendo and sports teams have a long history together. The Big N is selling part of the Mariners.

Nintendo Presents The Plans For PAX West

As PAX West rapidly approaches, Nintendo has a lineup featuring RPGs, indie games and lots of fun.

NX May Be Using The New Nvidia Chip

A few weeks ago, Eurogamer had reported that the NX will be using the Tegra X1 chip from Nvidia, a mobile chip. Sources say this is not the ...[Read More]

Turtonator Blasts His Way to Gamescom

Nintendo held a live stream for the new Pokémon Sun and Moon. During the broadcast, a new face surfaced on-screen. Introducing, Turtonator!

Nintendo Europe Show Off Gamescom Festivities

With Gamescom is upon us, Nintendo Europe has taken the liberty to revealing their plans for the event. The gaming event will some eSports a...[Read More]

Metroid Fan Project Gets Shut Down By Nintendo

We are all used to it by now. Every now and then, a new Metroid project made by dedicated fans to do something their way gets shut down by N...[Read More]

Pokémon Sun and Moon Manga In The Works

As we approach the release date for Pokémon Sun and Moon, we will only discover more and more about the seventh generation of Pokémon.

Nintendo NX Should Have Mario, Zelda and Pokémon In Launch Window

It seems the launch library for the latest Nintendo console will be pretty solid. NX will be seeing many big titles on the horizon including...[Read More]

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