Capcom Sales And Profits Take A Deep Hit

Today, Capcom has filed in a new financial report for their earnings during the period going from April 1st to June 30th. It doesn’t l...

Japan Isn’t Helping Xbox

Since its launch, Xbox has been struggling with the Japan market. Whether it’s with sales or even getting products there, it was never easy.

Here is What You Should Expect Upon Reaching Level 40 In Pokémon Go

It has been done! A trainer has reached level 40 to find out what happens once a player has reached the cap level in Pokémon Go. Let’s...

Did Metallica Really Play the Pokemon Theme Song?

Is the Metallica video real or fake? Many fans of the band and the game are curious to know the truth.

Lady Layton Revealed Alongside Many Games At Level-5 Vision Event

Indeed, the trademarks that were filed yesterday, including Lady Layton, have just come to fruition with Level-5 revealing their lineup at t...

Nintendo Delays Pokémon GO Plus

With the major success for what is one of the biggest mobile phenomenon to date, it also has a very cool peripheral releasing as well: Pokém...

Nintendo NX Report Backed Up By Wall Street Journal & MCV

Yesterday, Eurogamer released a report on quite a few details regarding the new Nintendo console: NX. We have yet to see official unveiling,...

After Dangerous Golf, Developers Work on New Driving Game

Former Burnout director Alex Ward announced today on Twitter that a new driving game is in development.

Pokemon GO GYM Located at Hells Angels Clubhouse

Pokemon GO is still booming in the topics rating. From crime to accidents, the news feed is filled with Pokemon GO as a headline!

Dyrus Shaves Head After TSM Loses Game

Last week, Riot caster James “Dash” Patterson and Retired TSM Top Laner Marcus “Dyrus” Hill bet on the TSM vs. Phoenix 1 game.

Level-5 Trademarks Bunch of Games Including Yo-Kai and Lady Layton

Some new games are on the horizon for Level-5. This is the studio that is mostly known for the successful Professor Layton and Yo-Kai Watch ...

Square Enix Reveals Its Big Gamescom Lineup

Square Enix has unveiled its biggest line-up ever for Gamescom 2016. Square Enix presents a number of premieres at Europe‘s biggest trade an...

Nintendo NX Will Be Portable Console With Detachable Controllers

Today, big news has surfaced onto the internet regarding the elusive Nintendo NX console. A lot of detail has been spoken on and we are clos...

Housemarque Unveils New Concept Art for the Jarvis Project

For some time now, Housemarque has been working on a brand new title currently referred to as the Jarvis Project.

MIGS 2016 Looking as Exciting as Ever

Looking to grow your business? Want to meet with the gaming industry’s experts? MIGS is definitely where you need to be!

Quake Champions Caters to Different Play Styles

At E3, Bethesda brought back an old classic to life by announcing Quake Champions. Will it live up to the legacy?\

Darksiders Remaster Confirmed

According to Spanish website Nextn, a new Darksiders game was announced during Gamepolis (Malaga, Spain).

Would Have South Park: The Butthole of Time Work?

South Park is hot at the moment and the next project, South Park: The Fractured But Whole, is even hotter.

Nintendo Shares Take a Dive Regarding Pokémon Profits

Thanks to Pokémon GO’s exceptional release, Nintendo shares have risen up sharply for the past three weeks. However, they just took a ...

Save On All Xbox One 500GB Bundles Today

Did you get a hold of your Xbox One console yet? If you haven’t here is an opportunity for you to save big bucks!

Opinions and Stuff

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Learn The Art of Battle in Pokémon GO

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What is Pokemon GO? The Good & The Bad!

Pokemon GO is massive – practically everyone I know is playing it. While some of my friends were able to download it, others had to go throu...

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