Nioh Beta Available for Download in EU

Today, video game publisher Tecmo Koei unlocked the Nioh beta for PlayStation 4 users in the European market.

Dragon Quest XI Confirmed for NX

Dragon Quest has always been a household name in the role-playing game genre and the next title will prove to be a great addition to Nintned...

Nintendo Sells Some of Their Ownership of The Seattle Mariners

Nintendo enthusiasts would know that Nintendo and sports teams have a long history together. The Big N is selling part of the Mariners.

Nintendo Presents The Plans For PAX West

As PAX West rapidly approaches, Nintendo has a lineup featuring RPGs, indie games and lots of fun.

Meet The Final Fantasy XV English Voice Actors

For a decade now, Final Fantasy XV has been in development. Throughout the years, the title even changed its name.

Pokemon GX Mechanics Revealed

The Pokemon TCG constantly evolves and throughout the series and sets, it introduced, and removed, quite a number of interesting mechanics.

What Are Farts For If You Can’t Smell Them?

The world of South Park is filthy, full of farts, and featured some of the most loved, yet disgusting and troublesome, characters.

NX May Be Using The New Nvidia Chip

A few weeks ago, Eurogamer had reported that the NX will be using the Tegra X1 chip from Nvidia, a mobile chip. Sources say this is not the ...

Turtonator Blasts His Way to Gamescom

Nintendo held a live stream for the new Pokémon Sun and Moon. During the broadcast, a new face surfaced on-screen. Introducing, Turtonator!

Metal Gear Survive Revealed at Gamescom

Looks like Konami is not letting Metal Gear die with the leave of its creator and director. At Gamescom, they reveal a new game: Metal Gear ...

Half-Life Add Steals The Show

Gamescom is inbound and so far, it has been quite a couple of days. New trailers and exclusive gameplay are on the menu, but the hype turned...

Project Scorpio To Close Console Generations

Last E3, Microsoft wowed us all with the unveil of Project Scorpio, the Xbox One successor.

Nintendo Europe Show Off Gamescom Festivities

With Gamescom is upon us, Nintendo Europe has taken the liberty to revealing their plans for the event. The gaming event will some eSports a...

Rumor: Kingdom Hearts III Slotted in for NX Release?

A new listing has come up online and it has shown Kingdom Hearts III for the Nintendo NX. Can it be that Sora will be coming on NX to finali...

Rage and The Evil Within Might Get Sequels

In an interview with, vice president of Bethesda Softworks Pete Hines talked about Rage and The Evil Within.

Metroid Fan Project Gets Shut Down By Nintendo

We are all used to it by now. Every now and then, a new Metroid project made by dedicated fans to do something their way gets shut down by N...

Pokémon Sun and Moon Manga In The Works

As we approach the release date for Pokémon Sun and Moon, we will only discover more and more about the seventh generation of Pokémon.

WWE 2K17 Tracklist Hand Picked by Puff Daddy

Today, the entire WWE 2K17 tracklist, which was hand-picked by Puff Daddy, was unveiled.

Pokemon Uranium Version is a New Fan Made Game

Browsing on, I stumbled on a post introducing a new game, Pokemon Uranium Version.

Pokémon TCG – Evolutions: Pikachu, Charizard and Professor Oak Reprints

Today, we find the very first cards that should be appearing in the last XY expansion in the Pokémon TCG: Evolutions. Prepare for nostalgia ...

Opinions and Stuff

How is Zamasu Related to Black? What is Super Saiyan Rose?

In the 55th Episode of Dragon Ball Super, the previews for next week’s show introduced a new Super Saiyan form, Super Saiyan Rose.

Casual Vs Hardcore: The Eternal Conflict

Ah the Casual vs Hardcore debate. We see those terms thrown around all the time on messages boards and forums. Casuals are bad and Hardcore ...

Pokemon TCG: Getting Ready for the World Championship

The 2016 Edition Pokemon World Championship is around the corner and the guest list is massive.

Who is Goku Black? Zamasu a Piece of the Puzzle!

Who is Goku Black? Ever since this new character came along, questions regarding his origins have been exploding.

Pokemon GO : Do And Don’t While Catching ‘Em All

Those are just a list of all the things you should do and should NEVER do while playing Pokemon Go. Well, not ALL the things, because that w...

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